Saturday, May 05, 2007

Tips on Staying Cool in a Crisis

I know it is difficult to stay cool during a crisis for some people. Others rise to the challenge and opportunity of a crisis. Here are some tips:

1). Stop and breathe slowly and try to remain calm because I am sure your heart is pounding hard and your pulse is racing fast. So slow those down first.

2). Try to remain focused on the issue at hand, it may be an injured family member, friend or stranger. Or it may be you were just in a car accident and believe you are being stalked......just stay focused and calm.

3). Your inner instincts can help guide you. Trust those instincts.

4). Call 911 if required for medical emergencies, or assistance from the nearest Fire Station, or Police Department. If the problem requires their attention, please let the professionals do their jobs. If you know CPR, then administer it, only if you have attended classes and are able to do it properly.

5). Have important information on you in case of emergencies, so you are properly prepared.

In order to be prepared you must have the following items available at all times:

a. Consider taking a CPR or First Aid Class

b. Keep important medical information about yourself on your person, be it your wallet or billfold.

c. Keep important telephone numbers on your person, be it your wallet or billfold.

d. Make sure you let your emergency notify individuals know you are using them as an emergency contact.

You can prepare for crisis and emergency situations just by following some of these tips. There are probably better tips out on the Internet, so search the net for tips.

You will be able to handle any situation if you feel confident in yourself. You can feel confident by preparing yourself. You can do it!

I hope and pray that this information helps someone today. Have a pain free day.

Fibro Viv

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