Friday, May 25, 2007

Tips for Reducing Your Daily Expenses


Tips for reducing daily expenses, good question...the next question would be do you want to reduce your daily expenses? Are you willing to put forth the effort and stay committed to it. Start by preparing a daily expense worksheet, then track your expenses. This process is an eye-opener. Here is a list of items to consider listing and tracking:

* Take advantage of Energy Efficiency Tips - Your utility company always offers a variety of tips on their website or in their newsletter usually included with your bills. The bonus is they offer rebates and energy saving programs. Simple things like turning off unused lighting, installing energy efficient bulbs, changing your filters, controlling thermostat settings and limiting water use impacts your overall expenses.

* Lawn, Pool and Home Repairs - Are you paying someone to take care of your lawn, pool and home maintenance and repairs? Consider trying to handle these items yourself. There are many tips on the Internet on maintaining and repairing these items.

* Shopping Expenses - Are any of the items or objects you are buying necessary? Is it cost effective and have you researched or compared prices and does have a long term benefit? Can you live without it?

* Implement "Cash Only" Spending - This helps you eliminate bank, credit card, interest and late payment fees. It also helps you control your spending. Set that daily limit and stick to it.

* Banking Services - Use a bank with limited fees, for instance, a no-fee checking account and pay bills on line. Set up a saving account and a set amount of money auto-transfered from checking to saving accounts monthly.

* Entertainment Extras - Cut down on subscription or premium channels with your cable or digital service. Rent videos instead of going to movies.

* Cut down on Provider Services - If you are paying for Internet access, try out the FREE Internet access provider. Limit talking on your cell phone and any extras added to that service.

* Money Saver's - Use coupons, shop around and search for cheaper prices on almost anything you need, i.e., home and auto insurance, gadgets, clothes, etc. If you do not mend your own clothes, learn how to do it yourself. Plan out your laundry needs and if you use a service, stop it and do it yourself.

* Improve your Health and Save - Cut back on caffeine, smoking and limit eating fast foods. Try cooking in bulk and freezing or storing leftovers or later use. Consider driving less, joining a car pool, taking advantage of public transportation, such as the bus, train or light rail.

Changing your daily living and spending habits can impact your expenses on a daily basis. It all adds up and once you have tracked, reviewed, and implemented changes, you will start saving on daily expenses.

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