Saturday, May 26, 2007

Positive Thoughts for Coping

Try writing down these thoughts and read them daily, or print them if you can:

1). Things are getting better.

2). I know I am making progress and I am working on my self-esteem.

3). I am learning to pace and it helps me feel better.

4). Each day I expect to feel more relaxed and I am working on ways to resolve any stress in my life.

5). I am accepting the changes in my life style and can live with them.

6). I know where to look for support and what resources are available to me.

7). Today I plan to focus on ways to help myself continue to heal.

8). I know I can fight this feeling of feeling alone because I am not alone.

9). I am sharing and seeking information on my healing process.

10). I am able to manage my mental and physical fatigue.

Those are just a few things to repeat to yourself. Keep a journal to help you remember good times and ways to feel better. You are alive, so work on making each day a better day. It starts with you accepting change and becoming aware of any negative emotions or thoughts you may be experiencing.

I pray and hope this information helps someone today. Have a great day.

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