Friday, May 25, 2007

Try focusing on different things........Best Beauty Tips

My Skincare Priorities

My skin type happens to be combination skin type. I recommend using a Sea Mineral Cleanser. It is gentle, oil-free lotion that dissolves make-up. You get great hydration and skin protection from sea mineral cleansers. You should always use a toner because it improves moisture absorption and make sure you use an alcohol-free toner. Try utilizing a light-diffusing SPF lotion with no less than SPF 15. It helps firm, tone and reinforce facial contours.

My solutions are based on research and trying out different sample products. Set-up a daily regime to enhance your results for achieving your ideal skin. Results vary from occasional to daily or weekly use of products and your priorities. Here are some tips:

* Cleanse your skin daily,
* Use toner daily,
* Moisturize your skin daily,
* Use antioxidant serum as required,
* Use a mist daily and take one with you for use during your day,
* Use a Sea Mineral Mud Mask twice a week to deep cleanse your skin,
* Once a month microdermabrasion,
* If you have dark spots and discoloration, use a brightening spot corrector daily,
* Try minimal use of make-up or use mineral based make-up products,
* If you use make-up, cleanse with a water-activated make-up remover.

Taking the time to take at least 5-10 minutes on your skin will result in pores appearing visibly smaller and less likely to clog. The microdermabrasion will improve skin clarity and texture. The use of antioxidant serums help halt premature aging by repairing and protecting skin from environmental aggressions. Using a daily mist instantly hydrates your skin and you can find small bottles to carry in your purse. Unfortunately, I had a few dark spots and discoloration, hence the skin lightening treatment spot corrector helped my skin.

By treating your skin with hydrating ingredients from your cleanser to your moisturizer, it is possible to help guard against the signs of aging. Water is important to keep the skin at an optimal level and prevents dehydration. Taking care of your skin will help prevent fine lines and wrinkles and restore its natural balance.

I pray and hope this article and opinion helps someone today

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