Friday, November 30, 2007

I wanted to mention new site and friends

These pages

I joined a new community in November and met some very nice people. I wanted to mention their sites and ask that you please check them out. These are great people with big hearts. Some are chronically ill, survivor's of cancer, a positive influence with faith and hope, and many other interesting types of people.

Tea with Tiffany's Page

Mad Goat Lady's Page
Audra Silva's Page
Kelly's Page
Mrs Kiwi's Page
KiniWoman's Page
Maartje Van Horn's Page
Elizabeth Coplan's Page
Sweetisu's Page

I enjoyed everyone's sites and hope to continue reading them.

God Bless to everyone and I hope and pray those that still suffer have a pain and fatigue free day!

Fibro Viv

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Howdy, here are some more sites to check out!

Here are more sites to checkout:

Panther Daily Post
Rachel Creative
On Blogging Australia
Freebie Fanactics



I have not been able to post, but I want everyone to start checking out other sites too. I will soon post more tips or my own experience soon.

I hope and pray you have a pain and fatigue free day.

Fibro Viv

Monday, November 26, 2007

There are more sites to checkout

I want you all to check these sites out:

Cuddling Cute Babies
2 Tired 2 Talk

There are lots more, I have so many sites I like and there are so many wonderful people to meet. Take time out to read the different sites.

Fibro Viv

Speedcat Hollydale Page

Hello Everyone!

Speedcat Hollydale is a very positive individual and my friend. My tip for today is to go out and check out other sites. Do you want to smile? Check out Speedcat Hollydale Page and you will smile, I promise.

Speedcat Hollydale Page

Here is a list of other sites:

Blogging for Friendship
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Learn how to blog for money
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Enjoy these sites and get to know the people. I will add more later.

Fibro Viv

Friday, November 23, 2007

How I Deal?

Everyday we face challenges and have the opportunity to embrace them with a negative or positive attitude. I deal with my pain and fatigue by thinking about how this illness has changed my life and why I try to continue to invest myself in other peoples’ life.

It makes me feel better to share information and answer questions. I am being selfish by doing this. Why do I say that? Because it feels good to have people write and tell me they like reading my blog, it helps my self-esteem.

People with chronic illnesses have to find a way to make themselves feel better. I guess this is my way of feeling better about myself and in the process I pray I am helping others.

My goal now is to share how to view our illness in a positive way. God has chosen us to take on this challenge and it is up to us to make peace with it and then transcend all our emotions and feelings with a full understanding of what his plan is. I believe he wanted me to share my own experience, share tools and information. I wanted to go into social work my first year in college. As soon as I was given cases to work on, my empathy was too strong and I could not help anyone without crying. That was the end of that dream.

While I enjoyed my career and found it to be a great learning experience, I wasn’t doing what I originally wanted to do. So, maybe this is God’s way of granting me the opportunity to help others. Here are some questions to ask yourself and I would like others to give me feedback.

1). Has this illness changed my personality?

2). I know I had to make lifestyle changes? Would they have happened for another reason? Perhaps due to age, wisdom or life experiences?

3). Am I accepting my path in life?

4). The choice is mine, am I embracing this illness and learning to think about all the other great miracles in my life? I do have many things to be grateful for, so am I focusing on those things? If not? Why not?

I hope and pray that my babbling today has helped someone today. Please respond and give me feedback.

Fibro Viv

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Thankgiving, what is it about?

Thanksgiving day is a day to share your thoughts and love with everyone you know. A day to give thanks to our Lord for every miracle he has sent our way. Challenges in our lives only make us stronger. I believe we are given those challenges because we can handle them. Hopefully we learn from them and share our experience with others to help them when they are experiencing a challenge in their life.

I pray and hope that I have been able to share my own experience and thoughts in a way that touches someones life. I know I have read many sites that share their experience and it has helped me.

I am grateful to have met many wonderful talented people on the Internet. I am grateful for my family and friends and the many memories I have from the past and I am looking forward to the future.

May God Bless everyone and may we meet again.


Saturday, November 17, 2007

Sorry Everyone

I will not be able to post anything today because I am still feeling fatigue. I am sorry I could not post everyday in November. I gave it my best.

I will say a special prayer for everyone experiencing pain and fatigue.

God Bless

Fibro Viv

Thursday, November 15, 2007

What is happening today?

Hello My Friends,

I am writing to let you know I have come down with some type of virus that causes an upset stomach, diarrhea and headaches. Not fun. The pain has been extreme for the past few days and today I am just worn out. I slept for a long time and I am still tired. Does that sound familiar? Yes indeed.

I have been following my own advice on pacing and taking good care of myself. Drinking lots of water, taking my supplements and resting. This is what keeps me going. My husband cannot believe I am set on posting everyday in November. Well, today’s post is about me. Sorry.

I have not been able to visit my new Grandchildren since who knows when, I cannot keep up with the dates and I gave up trying a long time ago. As long as I stay positive and take care of myself, the dates do not really matter. I keep a daily journal and I still have to ask about one hundred times a day, what day is it today? Since my husband has a brain injury he also forgets the date. We make a great couple:) Two half brains surviving in this world and trying to teach our children right from wrong. I believe we are succeeding because our young men are all very considerate and loving.

So my niece goes in for surgery early tomorrow morning and I will try very hard to go see her. It may not be before surgery, but I will make it, I am determined. She is very loving and considerate of others. She never forgets a birthday, keeps up with all family illnesses, news, etc. You might call her the family monitor. Bless her heart, she is in so much pain and this surgery is suppose to help. The doctor is placing some type of apparatus in her spine for a period of time to see if it helps her. If it does, then they will implant it forever. She is so brave to undergo this procedure and she is always saying “Auntie, if this helps my pain, maybe you will try it for your pain.” She tends to worry about everybody, she has a big heart and a very brave soul.

I am just afraid to loose total control of feeling pain. Does that sound weird? You see our body has its own natural mechanism alerting us of our pain. I am not against her having this surgery, it is a personal decision. I know how to manage my pain and if I continue sticking to my own pain strategies, I don’t believe I will require surgery. I am much older than she is and I guess I am also afraid of not being in control of my own body. As I said, she is much braver than I am. Plus I truly do not have time to be in a hospital and I need to conserve my energy for my family.

So, I have a favor to ask. Please pray for my niece, Esperanza. Pray that everything goes well and this new technology helps her pain. Pray for a fast recovery.

I thank you and I pray and hope you are not experiencing pain or fatigue.

Fibro Viv

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Pain Management Treatments and Attitude

I have mentioned in the past my PCP referred me to a Pain Management Doctor. This doctor referred me to a Pain Management Facility called St. David's Rehabilitation Center. What I liked about this particular center was that they set forth principles and standards to meet individual needs. I was working and decided to take medical leave. Thank goodness I had saved my vacation time and had some sick time available.

The center set up an initial interview to find out what my particular needs and to set goals. You might think this would be overwhelming. It was not because I wanted to get on with my life and I wanted to learn how to manage my pain. The whole idea on their part was to help me become independent with management of recurrent symptoms, develop strategies and habits that maximize my ability to function and decrease the frequency and intensity of symptoms.

These were my goals:

1). Continue working or in my case return to work.

2). Increase my current functional abilities and endurance level.

4). Learn how to self-manage my pain without having to always rely or be dependent on my doctors or medication.

They offered Individual and Group Treatments as follows:

1). Physical Therapy

2). Psychological Therapy

3). Occupational Therapy

4). Biofeedback evaluation and treatment

Unfortunately, my insurance did not see the need for Psychological or Biofeedback. My doctor wrote a letter and they still denied it. St. David's was nice enough to let me in on one session of Individual and two of Group Psych sessions. At that time I was not depressed, I was eager to move forward and had a great attitude. That was because I was finally diagnosed with fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue and all of my close friends and co-workers were very supportive. Hence, when I was evaluated for Psych issues, I was fine at that point in time.

My program included Physical and Occupational Individual and Group sessions. There were days I did not think I could get out of bed, get dressed and go to the facility. The support of my loving husband was magnificent. I would not have made it without his help and guidance. God Bless him.

I was feeling so good I wanted to go back to work before it was time, plus I was running out of vacation and sick time. A dear friend came over to visit me and could not believe the difference in me. I was smiling, feeling and looking good. So I talked my PCP into signing a form releasing me and allowing me to go back to work. That was a mistake because I tried to continue my therapy part-time and my new boss was not as supportive as he said he would be. I was already working for a great Director and new Senior Manager. I let this other Director talk me into transferring to his team prior to returning to work. All he wanted was for me to join his team and he knew my past team members would follow. He ended up with an excellent team combined with some of his own excellent members. Unfortunately he never made it clear to his prior team members that I was there as a mentor and guru, so to speak. I was not there to become their Team Manager or take over. This caused me a lot of stress which caused my symptoms to increase beyond my own control. I just wanted to continue working, I did not want to continue working at the pace I was accustomed to and had no desire to move up the ladder. I knew what my limitations were and just wanted to support my family. That whole experience is still difficult for me to believe it even happened. I did make some new friends and will never forget the people that were not competitive. It also opened my eyes up about certain individuals and their characteristics. All in all, I did gain insight and learned from this whole experience. I am sorry to fall off track here....jeez, let it go, Viv, let it go! You see, we have to do a lot of self-talk.

I want people to be open to treatment centers. I know it is hard to get motivated enough to get up and get dressed. Trust me, it was worth it to me in the end. I still use the treatment strategies I learned.

When you are referred to a treatment center you should look for the following:

* What type of patients do they serve?

* Are the health professionals trained in teaching and treating acute or chronic pain?

* Is the program supervised by a licensed director or manager?

* Will they stay in communication with your doctor?

* Try to meet each therapist that will be working with you.

* The center must be able to assess and treat physical and psychological treatments.

* Do they offer brochures, pamphlets, etc. you can keep?

* Do they have someone that takes care of all the paperwork required to start and continue the program?

* What type of insurance is required? Do they offer any discounts or sliding scales, if necessary?

* What type of complaints have they had or encountered?

* What is their exact method of evaluating an individual and do they offer treatments that meet your goals and expectations?

* Try to talk to people that have already experienced treatment at that particular center.

I know it seems like a lot to do, hopefully your doctor has already sent other patients to that particular Pain Management Center. If you have to find one on your own, keep a list of what I have listed to help you find the right place. There were some patients that had no desire to get better and all they wanted to do was complain. They felt the effort to get up and actually follow the program was too much. Attitude has a lot to do with the success of any program you join. In the beginning it is not easy, but it gets easier and the knowledge you gain is long lasting and beneficial to you and your family.

I hope and pray this information has helped someone today.

Fibro Viv

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

This is for my friend, Bobby

Every adversity, every failure, every heartache carries with it
the seed of an equal or greater benefit.

- Napoleon Hill

Bobby, I hope and pray you feel better as each day passes.


Stressed Out? Who me? Yes You!:)

Did you know that the more stress you are under, the more you have to take better care of yourself? Lets think about the signs and symptoms associated with stress and what stress is controllable or uncontrollable.


  • Dry mouth
  • Headache
  • Faintness
  • Heart palpitations
  • Clumsiness
  • Stomach aches, knots, nausea and cramps
  • Constipation or diarrhea
  • Short and shallow breathing
  • Sleeping too much/too little
  • Lump in the throat
  • Sweating, clammy hands
  • Fatigue
  • Chest pain, muscle spasms or a feeling of a tight chest


  • Excessive nervousness or anxiety
  • Feeling overwhelmed
  • Nightmares
  • Chronic irritability
  • Constant feelings of resentment
  • Anti-social
  • Feeling down and alone


  • Difficulty making everyday decisions
  • Memory problems
  • Worrying everyday
  • Expecting the worst

NOTE: Identify your stress symptom, then think about how you might be able to change the situation or if it is uncontrollable.

Here I go again, write it down and ask yourself these questions:

1). Can I control this event or situation? Can I change it?

Go with the flow and do something different. Save energy for something you can impact and change.



2). How important is it?

Think about it, will you or anyone remember what has happened or what was said?



3). Has this happened before? If so, how did I handle it?

Don’t spend so much time worrying and take time out for yourself.



4). What is the worst possible outcome?

Breathe deeply, relax, practice positive imagery and meditation.



So, how do I cope? Humor and laughter goes a long way. Sure I have brain fog, so what if I forget what to call a cup, plate or a name. It isn’t the end of the world. I am still alive and typing away, it may not make sense…..but I am trying. That is all I can ask of myself, is to try and keep things in perspective. Live life and enjoy the good moments we have. There is always someone down the road with greater challenges. We just have to learn to accept ourselves and believe God is with us every step of the way.

I hope and pray this information has helped someone today.

Viv Fibro ( Have you every done that? I always write things the wrong way!:))

Fibro Viv

Monday, November 12, 2007

Setting Goals and Pacing Worksheet

Set daily goals first, then weekly, monthly and three month goals:

Make sure you set small and realistic goals.

1). Today I would like to:




2). What factors (within my control) make it hard for me to reach this goal?




3). What can help me reach this goal? Who can help me reach this goal?




4). To improve my pacing and get enough rest, I will do what?




Note: Use this worksheet or log to set goals to rest and pace yourself.

I hope and pray this log/worksheet will help someone today.

Fibro Viv

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Can You Improve Your Pacing?

As you read this post you will think I am repeating myself. Well, I am. Why? Because I know I struggle with pacing myself and I believe you do too.

The experience and management of chronic fatigue caused by fibromyalgia is different from the more commonly experienced acute fatigue with regard to specific relief measures and its causes. Management strategies we must utilize to reduce energy consumption and consequently delay the disabling effects of fatigue include the following:

Try doing less and please accept help from others to conserve energy. There are also recharging efforts such as, rest and medications. We can also enhance resistance to fatigue with the proper nutritional strategies, proper physical activities and stretching or exercising at our own pace.

I am always trying to think of ways that I can pace some of my activities. Sleeping well and resting. Persistent lack of sleep can produce emotional upheavals such as irritability, mood swings, and feelings of depression. So if you need help in this area, talk to your doctor.

Try getting into a routine of regular activities and sleep schedules. Go to sleep and get up at approximately the same time everyday, including week-ends. While they say naps can interfere with your sleep cycle, personally I have to take a nap during the day to survive. If you find it does not help you, stop napping.

Remember that just moving around will help to release tension and promote sleep. I am working on a worksheet for you to use that should be helpful. Please keep checking my site out for those worksheets.

I hope and pray someone listens to me and makes an effort to improve pacing.

Fibro Viv

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Balancing Life and Our Priorities

Lifestyle adjustments are the decisions and actions we take to enable us to manage and take control of our health challenges.

I have found that I have had to simplify my life. I was forced to quit working, and mourned that part of my life for a long time. I tried to understand why I missed the deadlines, stress and work in general. I realized that what I missed was the people. My family is important to me, but work was also important and I enjoyed it. I may have lost my job, but I did not loose who I was or who I am. It is difficult to come to that conclusion immediately. I hope that anyone that has experienced what I have will also learn to understand the different aspects of our lives. Sometimes we need to talk to someone about how we feel or write it down to help us sort out these feelings.

The most critical part of learning to live well with fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue is making those lifestyle adjustments. We cannot change the past or our genetic makeup. However, there may be aspects of our lives that we can change or ‘adjust’ in order to improve our health and quality of life. These critical adjustments involve the following:

1). Setting Priorities - We have to decide what is truly important.

2). Pacing and Scheduling Rest - It is vital to our health that we take time out of each day to rest and relax.

3). Self Monitoring - Monitor yourself and your activities. Keep a journal. I know that I repeat myself a lot. Keeping a journal is very important. It will enable you to figure out what works best for you.

4). Sleeping Well - I either have to sleep a lot or cannot sleep. I listen to my body and just sleep anytime of the day. I know it can be difficult, especially when you have small children to care for. Ask someone to help you, so you can take time to rest.

5). Priority Adjustment - Decide what is important, pick your battles, save energy, simplify, carefully evaluate your “To Do List.”


I have created a worksheet for you to complete. I think you find it interesting. Here goes:

What activities are the most important for me to accomplish on a regular basis? List it by importance.





What are some things that I would like to do but am currently unable to accomplish?




What prevents me from accomplishing the list in question number 2?




What resources might help me accomplish the list in question number 2?




Now… your answer to question number one (1). You might not realize this, but we have already established priorities in our lives. Some of these may be family and social expectations. You have to think of them as “What might be best for you as an individual with fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue”?

How do the priorities of others in your life compare to your values and priorities? We all have demands and desires on how we can improve our situation. Please remember what is important and try simplifying your life for your sake as well as your family.

I hope and pray this information has helped someone today.

Fibro Viv

Friday, November 09, 2007

Relaxation and Inducing a Sense of Well-Being

Try finding a quiet place and sit on a comfortable chair with arms. Rest your arms on the arms of the chair. Sit erect with your feet flat on the floor. Do not cross your arms or ankles. You might try turning on some relaxing music.

1). Breathe in deeply through your nostrils and allow the air to fill your lungs.

2). Exhale slowly though your mouth, letting the air flow out.

3). Pause at the end of the breath, neither breathing in nor out. This pause lets your mind come to quietness.

4). Repeat breathing in and out. Watch the breath as it goes in and comes out each time. You will start getting more and more relaxed.

Now that you are feeling relaxed, mentally think about what part of your body might still feel tense or tight. Let this tension go. Try relaxing your forehead and jaw.

It is time to use visual imaging. Think about a time that you enjoyed and you will find yourself feeling better as you think about those wonderful memories. Plan for the future and visualize yourself looking and feeling better and healthier.

I hope and pray this tip will help someone today.

Fibro Viv

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Lord I Feel So Alone

I am sharing another song/poem I wrote when I was feeling down and alone. This will be the first time I share this with anyone. I hope and pray it helps someone today.

Lord I Feel So Alone

Lord I feel so alone,
Trapped in this body of pain,
I try to keep my faith in you,
But yes I do have a day where I feel so alone.

Lord I feel so alone,
Trapped in this body of pain,
I try to feel normal and smile each day,
Feeling so helpless within myself,
Yes, I do have a day where I feel so alone,
Yes, I do have support and love all around,
Yet, they do not feel the pain as I do.

Lord I feel so alone,
Trapped in this body of pain,
You send your Shepard's my way to help,
This is what keeps me sane.

Lord I feel so alone,
Trapped in this body of pain,
My family and friends are there sometimes,
Yet they do not feel my pain,
They say I look great and I smile at them,
I wish I could tell them I felt that great.

Lord I feel so alone,
Trapped in this body of pain,
Like a clown hiding behind a happy face,
I feel like I am deceiving everyone,
Trying to keep my faith in you,
I feel I am deceiving you too,
Asking my family and friends to keep their faith,
Yet sometimes I feel so alone.

Lord I feel so alone,
Trapped in this body of pain,
Please help me feel my faith again,
Please help me practice what I preach each day,
Yet I feel so alone.

Lord I feel so alone,
Trapped in this body of pain,
You send small miracles down my way,
That is what keeps me sane.

I want to feel normal again someday,
I want to help people who feel my pain,
So I ask, is this what you had in mind?
Will I reach my goal to help others too?

Lord I feel so alone,
Trapped in this body of pain,
Please help me push myself each day,
Helping others feel no pain,
Most of all help me stop feeling this way,
Lord I feel so alone.


Copyright Viviana Walters @

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

My Answer to Someone’s Questions

I know how you feel right now and I want to help you and everyone else that suffers from Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue.

I am doing fine these days. I became a Grandmother on October 31, 2007. I thought I would never be able to hold my Grandchildren because of my fatigue and pain. I believe my faith and prayers made a difference and made it possible for me to find the strength I needed to stay positive, try new products, medications to help me feel better. This is why I started my mission to help others too.

Yes, I noticed you have not been on any forums or boards. In fact, I felt you pulling away from me. I know it is hard to trust someone over the Internet. Especially since you experienced such negative responses and attitudes from your own friends and co-workers.

People do not want to hear or be around sick people. They only want to experience good things. Well, the only way I can feel good about myself is to reach out to someone like you, my friend. It is hard to accept help or even ask for help. I was fortunate enough to have good friends, co-workers and family members willing to reach out and try to help. I know not everyone is that fortunate.

I am sorry to hear you are experiencing a deep depression. These are your words:

Right now I am in a deep depression. I have prayed and prayed for God to take me. But here I am.

Do you ever get really depressed? I just lay in bed and cry. I hate it. Is it part of fibro?

When an individual is experiencing extreme pain and fatigue it is normal to feel depressed. Seek medical help and don’t let anyone blame you for feeling blue. I still remember the morning I woke up and suddenly I felt extreme pain, fatigue and everything else that goes with this disorder. I was fighting it and struggling to find out what was going on. I continued working and I deceived myself, believing that it was just the flu, my gall bladder, anything the doctor tried to rule out. I just knew things would get better. The truth of the matter is I hit rock bottom and felt useless, worthless, stupid, and much more. Do you remember the poem I wrote? It expressed how I felt. I will post again. The depression is caused by the fatigue and pain you are experiencing.

I’m hurting so badly. The medicine I take only at night and do not take during day or I’d get nothing done. But it makes me bolder, I find myself saying and doing things that I would never have nerve and be brave enough to do. Is that normal with meds?

Talk to your doctor about the medications you are taking. Everyone reacts differently to medications. What types of things are you doing and saying? How do you feel when you say something you normally would not have said before? I suggest you write down how you feel and think about what might have caused those reactions you are talking about. It will help you sort out those thoughts and emotions.

When I talk to a doctor or individual that does not believe in fibromyalgia or chronic fatigue, I feel sad and alone. I have to take back control of my emotions and just forget about them. I know what I feel everyday of my life. They are not experiencing my pain and fatigue, yet they make judgments and mean remarks. The way I deal with this is to just pray and ask God to give me the strength to forget about them. God knows what we are feeling. Don’t let them hurt you.

I’m sorry to ask all these questions. I just feel lost. I wish I’d die right now. Its not just the pain its everything. I feel like I am holding on to a thread. The least thing upsets me and makes me feel like I’m having a nervous breakdown. Do you ever feel like that?

My friend, never feel badly about asking questions. I am here for you and anyone else that seeks encouragement and help. I too felt lost and wanted to give up. I have cried myself to sleep because of my pain and fatigue. I did not want to complain to my family and friends. I found that crying, praying and resting helped me. However, you need additional support and help. Talk to your doctor, you may need to change your depression medication. In the beginning I had to try several different types of medications to help me deal with the pain and fatigue. I also suffer from panic/anxiety attacks. I have to take medication for those attacks. They are hard to deal with, you feel closed in, lost and unable to breathe. Do not try to handle these emotions on your own. Seek medical help and try to join a support group.

You have to seek help, be open to expressing your feelings, write them down, keep a journal and please try Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. Positive self-talk helps me out tremendously. I promise.

I better go. Take care. I hope everything is well with you and your family.

I am worried about you and want you to call me. I know you find it hard to trust, please let me help you. Thank you for asking about my family. They are hanging in there. Please remember you are not alone.

The only reason I am answering you on my site is because I know you are not the only person feeling this way. Just know you are helping others too. I know you have a big heart and want to help people too. Together we can help each other and spread the word about this horrific disorder.

Love your friend,


Tuesday, November 06, 2007

How to Perk Yourself Up During the Day

Think about thoughts, reactions, movements, anything that might help you perk up during the day. I always practice positive self-talk. However, I need other types of things to help me perk up. Try the following:

1). Drink lots of water, it keeps you from getting dehydrated and is a natural way to get energy. Our metabolism runs properly with the right amount of water.

2). Eat protein. Start off your morning with some type of protein. It will keep you going until lunch time.

3). Eat small meals throughout the day, instead of large meals. The key is to eat slowly and make it small portions. Give your stomach time to realize it is full. Don't rush your meals.

4). Eat healthy snacks such as; fruits, veggies, peanuts and almonds. These help boost my energy level throughout the day.

I know fatigue is a drag, literally! So try to stop worrying about things you cannot control, let go of frustrations and resentful emotions. These emotions cause anxiety and pain. Negative emotional thoughts can be exhausting, think positive:) The only person that has control of your emotions is you. Don't let people push your buttons. If you feel you are all alone, please send me an email and I will try to be there for you. You are not alone.

I find that if I take time out for myself, try to relax, think positive thoughts and follow a healthy diet, I have better days. My biggest problem is remembering to pace. When I feel half way decent I tend to over do.

Together we can fight this illness and stay focused on taking control of our health and life.

I hope and pray this information has helped someone today.

Fibro Viv

Plan for changes in the Weather

One key thing to remember is that cold weather tends to increase pain for most people that suffer from CFIDS/FMS. Cold or damp weather along with poor sleep, fatigue, stress or over-exertion makes our pain worse.

Plan for the cold weather coming soon. I use rice packs to keep me warm at home and try not to go out too often. Some of us cannot stay home, so plan to keep warm. Herbal medications, massage therapy and aromatherapy are especially helpful during the winter.

I hope and pray this information has helped someone today.

Fibro Viv

Sunday, November 04, 2007

What is important for people with CFIDS/FMS?

It is important that we learn how to pace. I have been going non-stop prior to the birth of my Grandchildren. Two twin girls! I am a first time Grandmother living on fumes! I have done that which I ask all of you not to do. What did I do? Overdo!!! Shame on me:(

I know I must slow down and take some time to recover. The twins were worth the pain and fatigue I feel at this moment. The main thing I have to remember is that they will need me in the future, so I must go back and follow my own tips.

We must try to pace or we will end up in the ditch. I can hardly keep my eyes open. So, this post will be short.


It does not matter what is happening in your life, you must remember to “PACE.” If we do not pace ourselves we fall back and mess up our goal to take control of our health. We need to be healthy for our family. Please learn from my mistakes and take good care of yourself.

I hope and pray this information has helped someone today.

Fibro Viv

Saturday, November 03, 2007

Energizing Activities and Considerations

Physical Activity verses Exercise

I know it is difficult to think about any type of activity when you are extremely fatigue and in extreme pain. Try thinking about physical activity verses exercise. Physical activity basically refers to being in motion while exercise refers to physical exertion, often to develop or maintain physical fitness.

Set attainable goals, such as simple stretches while in bed. Also, try walking slowly around your bedroom or living area. Take it slow and keep yourself motivated, stay positive and ask for help.

I know you can do it. When I have a flare-up, it takes a lot of effort to just get up and take a bath. I start by stretching before I get out of bed. Sometimes I am so fatigued, I cannot even take that bath. So, I use body cleansing cloths and wash myself off. Then I use heat against my body to help the aches and pains. While in bed, I stretch my arms, legs, fingers, hands, etc. Yes, I rest in between each stretch. Try it.

I hope and pray you will try to move today.

Fibro Viv

Friday, November 02, 2007

Understanding Pain and Taking Control

Our pain signals travel through a system of nerves in our brains and spinal cord. Our bodies try to produce chemicals to help block pain signals. They are called endorphins. There are different factors, such as our emotions and thoughts that cause the body to produce endorphins. Different types of treatments can can stimulate the body to release endorphins or block pain signals. Such treatments can be medications, cold and heat treatments, tens units, yoga, stretching and a number of other treatments.

The list noted below can cause your pain to feel worse:

* Anxiety
* Focusing on pain
* Stress
* Depression
* Focusing on pain
* Overdoing, not pacing yourself

The list noted below can help you block pain signals:

* Relaxation
* Medications
* Massage
* Distractions
* Some Topical pain-relievers
* Humor, positive attitude and pleasant thoughts
* Heat and cold treatments
* Stretching, Yoga, Appropriate Exercise

Managing our pain is a job in itself. So try thinking of pain management as a positive step towards taking control of the pain. I remember going to my pain management classes, while it was difficult to get up out of bed, bathe, and get ready, by the time I completed the days schedule I felt better. I know how difficult it can be to try and get up when you are in pain and have extreme fatigue. If we want to feel better, we must take an active role in working towards managing our pain and fatigue. Adjusting our thoughts and attitude helps us meet our goals.

Try the following steps towards understanding how to control pain:

1). Practice self-talk, consider what you say to yourself. Be positive and don’t say, “I just don’t feel well enough to complete those stretches, it hurts to move.” Try this, “I don’t feel like stretching, but I know I will feel better after completing them.”

2). Try not to focus on the pain and if you do, at least try listening to that pain and ask yourself what you might be doing at that moment that caused the increased amount of pain. Think about what you might do to help decrease that pain.

3). Plan and keep a positive attitude. Talk to your doctor and ask about different treatment options. Plan out your day, medications, and practice relaxation.

4). Be honest with yourself and consider your behavior and habits. Do you need to change something? Be open to change.

5). Try tracking your pain. This will help you figure out what increases or decreases your pain level. It does not have to be something fancy or hard. Keep it simple. On September 3, 2007 I created a Daily Journal for Tracking your Pain. Go back and print out a copy of it and use it. Take it with you when you visit your doctor.

We all suffer from short term memory loss, seek help, ask your partner, a family member or friend to help you remember to track your pain.

Please remember you can write to me and ask questions or just vent. I want to help. That is my mission, reaching out and helping you.

I hope and pray this information has helped someone today.

Fibro Viv

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Working towards conquering Chronic Fatigue and Fibromyalgia

Today I start my goal to write and add a post everyday in November. One of my goals is to educate, share information, tips, tools, and share my own experience with people. I want to offer people encouragement, acceptance and help.

There are still people, including members of the medical community that do not believe in chronic fatigue or fibromyalgia. This makes it difficult for people seeking help and support.

It is devastating to experience our health go downwards without any type of warning or explanation. Our life changes dramatically and we have to remain positive and strong for our own sanity.

The first step towards taking control of our health is knowing what to expect and what it means to have these disorders. Education, support, acceptance and love is the key to learning how to manage the pain, fatigue and the impact it has on us.

People react differently to pain, fatigue and change. I want to reach out and help people seeking support and acceptance. I pray and hope I can do this on a daily basis.

Please feel free to post comments and questions. Share your own experience and please open yourself up to accepting help. I am here to help you deal with the everyday challenges of life and together we can work towards conquering Chronic Fatigue and Fibromyalgia.

I pray and hope you have a pain free day.

Fibro Viv

NOTE: Please understand I am not a medical professional, please talk to your doctor prior to completing any tips I offer. God Bless.