Tuesday, November 06, 2007

How to Perk Yourself Up During the Day

Think about thoughts, reactions, movements, anything that might help you perk up during the day. I always practice positive self-talk. However, I need other types of things to help me perk up. Try the following:

1). Drink lots of water, it keeps you from getting dehydrated and is a natural way to get energy. Our metabolism runs properly with the right amount of water.

2). Eat protein. Start off your morning with some type of protein. It will keep you going until lunch time.

3). Eat small meals throughout the day, instead of large meals. The key is to eat slowly and make it small portions. Give your stomach time to realize it is full. Don't rush your meals.

4). Eat healthy snacks such as; fruits, veggies, peanuts and almonds. These help boost my energy level throughout the day.

I know fatigue is a drag, literally! So try to stop worrying about things you cannot control, let go of frustrations and resentful emotions. These emotions cause anxiety and pain. Negative emotional thoughts can be exhausting, think positive:) The only person that has control of your emotions is you. Don't let people push your buttons. If you feel you are all alone, please send me an email and I will try to be there for you. You are not alone.

I find that if I take time out for myself, try to relax, think positive thoughts and follow a healthy diet, I have better days. My biggest problem is remembering to pace. When I feel half way decent I tend to over do.

Together we can fight this illness and stay focused on taking control of our health and life.

I hope and pray this information has helped someone today.

Fibro Viv

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