Saturday, September 29, 2007

News on Bobby's ideas for SEO, meme

The past few weeks I have been reading other blogs/sites and found another way to keep my mind off of my pain. I can spend time going back and taking a look at these sites and many others. my friend and has opened my eyes up to many different things. I have met some pretty wonderful people because of him.

His latest brainstorm as a blogging expert is this meme taking off and becoming incredibly successful, so those that get on board early will see benefits from incoming links, and meeting new contacts. The premise is made clear by the following....

Start tag
This is a new fun seo meme ride for us all. This is based on the seo theory that links to posts inside your blog are more important than links to your home page. I have selected three posts I want to promote along with my site’s name. You will do the same thing.

Let’s keep it simple and spread our good work around to both share and build some ratings! Make sure you pick three posts that you feel are your best.

You could also select 3 posts you simply want to promote. Your site name is listed with your 3 selected posts beneath.

Once you have your post up: Add the sites and post links of the folks you tagged onto your post.

Try to add the site and post links to anyone involved to maximize the effectiveness. Tag a minimum of 5 people or go wild like me and tag 15!

Try your best not to double tag people so it will spread better! Please actually read the posts from everyone so you can see some really good work from our beloved blogging friends!

Make your title a little different from mine to avoid repetitive titles. Please try to maintain some friendly updates to your post.

Revellian dot com SEO Keywords For Beginners Content: The Kings Illegitimate Stepchild Tales of Blogger-X Illusion

Mariuca - Wishing On A Falling Star Love In Disarray In Love With A Dream The Good Client
Mariuca’s Perfume Gallery Perfume Shopping Spree Defining Beauty In Full Splendour

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Being Woman - The Joy of Being One A Handbag Lunatic, A Real Deal, What makes you fat?

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Cat Tales Sunday was Bathday, Someone got locked in!, When she’s sleeping….
R Playground Friends101 Shy Blogger Soul Music,

Fibro Viv -Lord Take This Pain Away , My expereince with Liquidity,
My own experience with CFIDS/FMS

End tag

I TAG: Andrew on facibus on blogging friendships
Thomas Photos from Northern Norway
Fossfor - All kinds of neat stuff
TechTreak -Another friendly blogger

Folks, I am sorry for posting this over and over! I finally figured out how to do this right, with a lot of help from Speedcat and Bobby! Thanks guys:)


Sunday, September 23, 2007

Off Subject: Contest and Review

Hello Everyone,

I thought I would change the subject a bit and let you know about a CONTEST. The following site, is currently having a blog contest. You can easily enter and win just by reviewing his blog and the contest, or by donating $5. What's the reward? A free 125x125 ad spot, a free review, and a link on his blogroll. Besides you can also help him get his new Macbook Pro. Don't we all want to do something nice for someone?

My review on his site:

Sly has various articles that pertain to blog promotions, content, optimizing your blog and strategies you can utilize. So even if you are not interested in the contest, at least go out and read his blog site. You will gain valuable information on blogging.

Good luck to everyone participating in the contest:)


Viv's tips: Ironing Board

There are many of you that have completed some yoga classes. When I was enrolled in the Pain Management Program, I never thought I would be able to complete it. Guess what? I did and it helped me.


* Try to find a desk or something that is at the same level your waist is (it must be strong and firm).

* Bend and hold on to the end of that desk, positioning your pelvic , control the arch in the lower back.

* Straighten upper back,

* Keep your head in line with shoulders, ears and chin tucked in.

* Hold it for a few minutes, then try again.

This stretch feels good, please make sure you straighten your lower back, keep your head in line with your shoulders, ears and keep you chin tucked in. Again, I will try to add pictures later to help you out.

I hope and pray this post has helped someone today.


Friday, September 21, 2007

Viv's tips: Stabilization

The Pelvic Tilt

This tip is for stabilization. You can lay down on a exercise mat or on your bed to complete this exercise.

1). Place a pillow down for your head to rest and lay down straight. Cross your arms and bend knees with feet slightly apart.

Rock your hips backward - low back should be presses into the mat or bed. Exhale and pull in your tummy.

2). Rock your hips forward, arch your back, Inhale and let tummy swell.

Repeat steps 1 & 2 three to five times, then

3). Locate neutral pelvis.

I hope you can understand these instructions. I will work on drawing a picture and adding it to this post.

I pray and hope this helps someone today:)


Thursday, September 20, 2007

Viv's tips: Prayer Position Stretch

Hello Everyone,

I promised to post a new tip today. It is called the Prayer Position Stretch. I do this several times during the day. It helps, so please try it.

1). Start by holding your hands in a prayer position.

2). Raise your arms over your head keeping your hands together in a prayer position.

3). Turn your palms outward (the front of your hands are now placed together in this position).

4). Stretch your arms downward as you separate your hands bringing your elbows down and place your hands back into the prayer position.

5). Repeat (2 to 3) two to three times.

Note: Please make sure to perform this exercise within your pain-free range of motion.

I pray and hope this information has helped someone today.


Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Hello Everyone - Keep checking my site

I am sorry my blog site has been looking bad. I changed the template and I was trying to make additional changes and messed it all up.

I am tired of this template stuff! I will be posting more tips. I have been having too much fun meeting new friends....I need to get organized and make sure I post at least one tip a day.

Again, I am sorry, please don't stop checking out my site for new tips.

I hope and pray everyone has a pain and fatigue free day:)


Monday, September 17, 2007

I am using my dog, Pal as my pic

His name is Palamino, we call him Pal. He is a Blue Heeler we adopted from the dog shelter on September 18, 2006. We all love him!

Sunday, September 16, 2007

My Experience With Liquidity

Hello Everyone,

I wanted to bring up this post again because I have read about several people who are having a difficult time with their health and energy levels. I take these organic products and they help me.

I would recommend the LiquiVida and MVM just to start feeling better. If you want to loose weight try adding the PLUS and LiquiGenic products. You don't necessarily have to visit my site, just go out and visit the Liquidity International website and read about the different organic products available.

My Experience With LIQUIDITY:

A dear friend of mine who actually saw me at my worst and worked with me during the onset of my illness found these products and decided to buy them for me to try. She purchased the following for me:

1). LiquiVida: is a power-packed liquid with a high content of organically grown Aloe Vera and a combination of rich antioxidants.

2). Mega Vitto-Mannan (MVM): The world of science has well-documented studies revealing highly oxygenated cells can better resist disease. Oxygen is essential to good health and is proven to increase energy, help the body prevent disease and better repair itself when injured.

3). Plus: is an all- natural energy and endurance formula. Synergistically formulated with 11 whole herbs (no extracts) along with soluble fiber and Chromium Picolinate, Plus promotes lean muscle mass and is designed to promote optimum health.

4). LiquiGenics: This emerges as a leader in our world-wide struggle with weight management. It creates a Thermogenic process which helps to naturally increase heat in the body, resulting in yellow fat burned as energy instead of stored as excess weight. When mixed with water, metabolism boosters are formed to initiate and aid in a more rapid weight loss. Adding LiquiGenics to good drinking water promotes proper hydration, which is critical for proper fat elimination.

This was my experience:

After one week of using these products as directed, I was able to reduce my Morphine ER dosage from (4) four times a day to twice a day. The Morphine ER only took the edge off the pain, this product actually reduced the pain level to zero with the exception of when I first wake-up and at bedtime.

* I suffered from Irritable Bowel Syndrome plus the Morphine tends to constipate you. I no longer suffer from constipation or diarrhea.

* There are some medications that cause weight gain and taking this product has allowed me to loose weight.

* While my energy level has improved and I continue to take these products. I missed a few weeks when I was visiting my sister and I could tell the difference! I will never stop using these products.

This has been my experience to date and I believe they are worth mentioning. I have joined the team as a distributor. I am no salesperson, but I want to share my experience with these products.

Special note to my dear friend Leslie:

Thank you for always thinking of me and my family and trying to help me find some type of help to alleviate the pain and fatigue I experience on a daily basis. I will never forget you and may God continue to bless you and help keep you healthy. Love your friend, Viv.

I pray and hope that this post has helped someone today.

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Viv's tips: This is my take on "THE BRAIN"

This is my take on the brain:

Your brain is a thinking organ that learns and grows by interacting with the world through perception and action. Mental stimulation improves brain function and actually protects against cognitive decline. Just like physical exercise affects us.

The human brain is able to continually adapt and rewire itself. While we grow older in age, the brain can grow new neurons. Severe mental decline is usually caused by disease, whereas most age-related losses in memory or motor skills simply result from inactivity. Also the lack of mental exercise and stimulation.

Here are some suggestions:

This is an exercise that can strengthen neural connections and even create new ones.

Switch the hand you are using to control the computer mouse. Use the hand you normally do NOT use.

What do you notice?

Is it harder to be precise and accurate with your motions?

Do you feel like you did when you were first learning to tie your shoelaces?

If you are feeling uncomfortable and awkward don’t worry, your brain is learning a new skill.

Try other neural building and strengthening exercises with everyday movements. Use your opposite hand to brush your teeth, dial the phone or operate the TV remote.

Also, it is important to challenge your brain to learn new and novel tasks, especially processes that you've never done before. Examples include checkers, chess, tai chi, yoga, or sculpture. I know our hands and fingers tend to hurt more times than often, but we should try even wiggling our fingers and toes.

Try playing bingo, it helps minimize memory loss and boost your hand-eye coordination.

Try to include 1 or more of your senses within everyday task:
--Try getting dressed with your eyes closed,
--Wash your hair with your eyes closed,
--Share a meal and use only visual cues to communicate. No talking.

Combine two senses:
--Listen to music and smell flowers,
--Tap your fingers with listening to the rain,
--Watch clouds and play with modeling clay at the same time

Break routines:
--Take a different route to the store, work, where ever you go,
--Try eating using the other hand (opposite of what you usually use),
--Try shopping at different stores, for instance, groceries stores, clothes, shoe shopping.

I suffer from brain fog and sometimes forget simple things like what a cup is named. I try not to let it get me down. I do get frustrated when I am trying to communicate and forget words or where I was going with the conversation. However, my family just tells me to not worry about it and stop being so hard on myself. So that helps me and I have to practice positive self-talk....reminding myself I am only human and that I am not the only one suffering from this. It is not the end of the world. Plus fatigue tends to affect our thought process along with certain medications.

Just keep on trucking gotta keep on trucking:)

I hope my suggestions help someone.

I pray and hope everyone has a pain and fatigue free day.

Fibro Viv

Saturday, September 08, 2007


One day when I was truly feeling my pain and almost lost my faith in God, I wrote this poem. Just know that you never have to loose your faith. God is always with us. I expressed my pain, wrote the poem and felt better:) So read on.....

Lord Take My Pain Away

Lord take my pain away
I am begging that you set me free
I cannot take it anymore
Please take the pain away

If only I could find a way
To continue with this pain
I cannot take it anymore
Please take the pain away

I know I must continue on
For my family and my friends
I cannot take it anymore
Please take the pain away

I am grateful for my life
I know I am so blessed
Yet I want to ask again
Please take the pain away

Help me find the strength I need
For my family and my friends
I cannot take it anymore
Please take the pain away

Viviana Walters

Copyright ©2007 Viviana Walters

By Fibro Viv
Copyright FibroViv @

NOTE: I hope and pray someone can understand the pain I was in and how I felt. I know we all go through this. It just helps me to share and pray that it helps someone out there!:)

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Viv's tips: Shoulder Exercises


While laying down on your bed:

1). Begin with shoulders relaxed,
2). Pinch shoulders upward toward your ears (shrug them up),
3). Repeat this in sets of 3 or 4 about 2 or 3 times.
4). Try doing this throughout the day.

NOTE: There should be some tension release during this process. You can also do this standing up straight or sitting up straight.

(Shoulder blade squeeze)

While standing up straight do the following:

1). Stand with your arms on your side,
2). Pinch shoulder blades together (squeeze),
3). Repeat this in sets of 3 or 4 about 2 or 3 times.
4). Try doing this throughout the day, if possible.

NOTE: There should be some tension release during the process. You can also do this standing up straight or sitting up straight.
I hope and pray these tips are helping someone today:)


Monday, September 03, 2007

Viv's tips: Form to use to Track Your Pain

I have created a form to help you keep a record of your pain. Take it along with you when you visit your doctor. Try printing several copies and try to fill one out daily. I have tried to make it simple to complete. I know it is difficult to write out everything.


Full Name _______________
Date ________

What time of the day do you feel your pain?

____When I wake up in the morning ____Throughout the day
____At night ____All of the above ____Other


What activities caused your pain?

_____Walking_____Bending_______Going up and down stairs
_____Running_____Taking a bath_____Stretching____Exercise
_____Completing simple household chores____Other


Where did you feel the pain?

___Hands ___Fingers___Arms___Shoulders___Neck___Waist


Do you get any burning sensations?

If so, Where?

___Hands ___Fingers___Arms___Shoulders___Neck___Waist


Do you get any tingling or numbness? If so, Where?

___Hands ___Fingers___Arms___Shoulders___Neck___Waist

Rate the level of pain: (1=mild, 5=moderate, 10=severe)
___1 ____5 ____10 _____Other


What medication are you taking to treat your pain?


When Taken ______AM/PM
Relief? ____Yes____No____Some

How long did the medication take before it worked?
___Minutes___Hour _____Hours_____Not at all


I pray and hope this form helps out someone.

Take care,


Saturday, September 01, 2007

Read about Trigger Point Therapy Workbook

Hello Everyone,

Here is a book of special interest:

Davies & Clair, (2001)
The Trigger Point Therapy Workbook, Your Self-Treatment Guide for Pain Relief, New Harbinger Publications, Inc. 5674 Shattuck Avenue, Oakland, CA 94609

I hope this helps someone.


Viv's tips: Hot Nap

Here is another way to help your sore muscles and fatigue:


Take a 30 minute hot bath, when getting out of the tub, wrap up in a warm towel and go to bed and nap.

I do this a lot and it helps me. I hope it helps you:)