Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Checking in and continuing to heal

Hi Everyone,

Just wanted to say hello and let you know I am still trying to heal. Loosing a spouse is truly difficult. The heartache is difficult to describe. I will never fill this whole in my heart and can only hope to learn to live without his physical presence. I know he is with me in spirit but I miss his presence.

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Meanwhile, I wish you great health and happiness.

Fibro Viv

Monday, April 22, 2013

Shop at Dollar General

Hi Everyone,

There is a Dollar General Store right down the street from my house. It is very convenient and I have just applied as an affiliate even though it is close to me. I still enjoy shopping online and it helps out when I am feeling fatigued and unable to go anywhere.

I will let you know if they accept my application. If so, you will soon see some new ads about Dollar General.

Take care and I hope and pray everyone is doing well today.

A place to buy Ice Pack Wraps

Hi Everyone,

I found a site that sells ice packs. Get your gel packs, cold therapy ice packs and heating pads to treat your leg pain, elbow joint pain, hip pain, knee pain, foot pain, or arthritis pain! I have used cold therapy ice packs and heating pads to treat my pain. They were first introduced to me during my medical rehabilitation for Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue. Here is the link and a coupon code that is available until May 9, 2013:

10% off your IceWraps.net purchase with coupon code SPRING10! Expires 5/9/13. 

I hope and pray you feel good today. Try the cold and hot therapy options. I personally like the hot therapy option.

Friday, January 11, 2013

Prayer for Jerry

God our Father,
Your power brings us to birth,
Your providence guides our lives,
and by Your command we return to dust.

Lord, those who die still live in Your presence,
their lives change but do not end.
I pray in hope for my husband Jerry,
relatives and friends,
and for all the dead known to You alone.

In company with Christ,
Who died and now lives,
may they rejoice in Your kingdom,
where all our tears are wiped away.
Unite us together again in one family,
to sing Your praise forever and ever.


I pray and hope everyone experiences a day without fatigue and pain.

Saturday, January 05, 2013

The Start of a New Year 2013

Hello Everyone,

I am starting off the new year without my soul mate, Jerry. I miss him so much and I hope that I can move forward without always feeling so sad. The fatigue and pain I have felt on a daily basis is nothing when compared to the sadness I feel because of the loss of my husband. It helps me to write to him everyday. Jerry completed me and made me want to be a better person. I will never forget Jerry's courage, compassion for others, wisdom, and infinite love. He made a difference in my life. I thank him for the beautiful, blessed journey in life we shared.

On another note, I would like to remind everyone to update their medication list and try to keep a daily journal. The journal does not have to be fancy. Write down your symptoms, thoughts and find a way to measure your pain. After a few weeks or months you can review and re-examine your symptoms, thoughts and pain level. I have been able to monitor activities, medications and found ways to improve my health and quality of life.

The most critical part of learning to live well with fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue is making lifestyle adjustments. We cannot change the past or our genetic makeup. However, there may be aspects of our lives that we can change or ‘adjust’ in order to improve our health and quality of life.

Also try to simplify and balance your life.

Today’s message: Never take life for granted, cherish the people you love and take control of your health.

Meanwhile I hope and pray everyone has a wonderful new year filled with love, good health and happiness.

With Warm Regards,


Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Trustworthy Nurses: A Commodity When Caring for the Chronically Ill

Trustworthy Nurses: A Commodity When Caring for the Chronically Ill

Patients who are diagnosed with a chronic disease must have a nurse they can trust. There are several components to effective nursing that must be considered. These characteristics include: trustworthiness, listening skills, empathy, skill, knowledge and resourcefulness. Otherwise, the comfort of the patient may be at the expense of a successful recovery and who wouldn’t want to feel comfortable around their nursing staff? Consider these attributes when selecting a nurse you can trust:

1. Trustworthy Nurses Listen

Nothing annoys a patient more than a nurse that does not acknowledge requests or seems to challenge patients about their medical care. Chronically ill patients, such as those ranging from breast cancer, to pleural mesothelioma, or even leukemia are often distraught with concern and worry about the future. They need as much emotional support as they do need physical care. Nurses need to be able to listen and address emotional and physical needs.

2. Trustworthy Nurses are Empathetic

Trustworthy nurses are empathetic. They attempt to understand your situation and experience the painful situation with the patient. Empathetic nurses can help patients move through a situation by offering resources and support rather than just feeling sorry for the patients.

For some patients, their only human contact is a nurse at the hospital. The hospital must have empathy for the patient and help them cope when there is no one else to help. Patients can emotionally and physically heal faster when they feel that they are understood and their worry isn’t at the forefront of their minds.

3. Trustworthy Nurses Have Consistent Skills

Trustworthy nurses know how to draw blood and administer medications. They are not timid about their jobs and know how to confidently perform their jobs with humility. This is a difficult balance that takes people some time to master.

If nurses are constantly missing the vein or incessantly trying to find a vein to stick, the patient’s confidence level diminishes, and he or she may completely shut down. Some patients may refuse treatment to prevent the pain related to nurse attempting to do a job inadequately. When nurses lack skills, this does not build patient-nurse trust.

4. Trustworthy Nurses Are Attentive But Not Overbearing

Trustworthy nurses are attentive but are not overbearing. They will not leave their patient unattended for long periods of time, but they also will not hover incessantly. Qualified nurses can read their patient’s body language, facial expressions and also, listen to their comments to determine how often they should check on the patient.

Select a Trustworthy Nurse

If you receive a nurse that makes you feel uncomfortable, you have the right to request a new nurse. If you do not, you may receive inadequate care. Patients must take charge to ensure they receive the best care possible. Develop a trusting relationship with your nurse and heal faster. 

This article was written by Melanie Bowen. She joined the Mesothelioma Cancer Alliance in 2011 as an awareness advocate for natural health and cancer cure initiatives. You will often find her highlighting the great benefits of alternative nutritional, emotional, and physical treatments on those diagnosed with cancer or other serious illness. She also assist in social media outreach in my efforts to spread awareness. This is where you can reach her:

 Thank you Melanie!

I hope and pray everyone has a fatigue and pain free day.

Sunday, October 07, 2012


Hello Everyone,

I wanted to thank everyone for your support and prayers for my hubby, David "Jerry" Walters. I have lost my soulmate of thirty-six (36) years.

Dear Friends,

When we met with Father Driscoll for Catholic marriage counseling, Father told us the most important thing was to say "I love you" and tell each other why we loved, respected, and honored each other. Jerry never missed a day without saying I Love You Honey, giving me hugs and kisses. We never went to sleep without an I love you, kiss, and hug followed by thanking God for our family, Parents, Brothers, Sisters, etc. 

Jerry became part of my family and loved our Hispanic traditions, culture and mostly the love of family. He was an only child and wanted to make sure we had more than one child. He wanted his children to experience brothers, sisters, cousins, uncles, aunts, and in-laws.

He is my soul mate, we complemented each other, shared the same ideas of the nature of God, he was my mirror, showed me everything that was holding me back, brought important things to my attention so I could stay focused, navigated differences. It wasn't the least bit important that we agreed on anything but that we could still love, respect, and yes, even appreciate our differences. I would like to believe our relationship changed us both for the better, both spiritually and personality wise. Our connection was physical, emotional, and spiritual, thereby completing each other. When he touched me, it was like electricity inside us when we were together. He understood that only my Creator had the right to execute authority over me and accepted me for whom I am. I loved Jerry for being there for me  and loving me unconditionally.

I will always love my true love and be grateful to God for allowing Jerry to be a part of my life. 

Here are the details of our tribute to Jerry:

  In Loving Memory of

David “Jerry” Walters

    December 12, 1944 -    September 29, 2012

Monday October 8, 2012
All Faiths South Chapel
4360 Congress
Austin, Texas 78745

Tuesday October 9, 2012
Funeral Mass
St. Ignatius Martyr Catholic Church
126 Oltorf
Austin, Texas 78704

Tuesday October 9, 2012
Interment Following Mass
Assumption Cemetery

I hope and pray everyone has a day free of pain and fatigue.

Fibro Viv