Thursday, July 24, 2008

What is a healthy healing in refection?

Hello Everyone,

Today I found an interesting question on one of my community sites. Here is what was asked:
In your opinion or basing from your experiences, what is healthy healing in reflection? I found myself thinking about the question and decided to share my answer on my site as well as on

In my point of view, the following technique is a good way to reflect in a healthy way:

- an individual must first decide to choose a specific time to reflect,
- be specific about what you want to focus on,
- think about one challenge (issue) at a time,
- determine what you want and decide if it is realistic,
- be open and non-judgmental,
- realize the answer to your questions or issues may require sharing your feelings with another individual,
- if you have a difficult time expressing your feelings with another individual, write them down on paper,
- if you shared your feelings with someone, reaffirm your respect for their opinion and end on a positive tone.

This technique or strategies enables an individual to establish an atmosphere of cooperative problem-solving and/or reflection.

I hope and pray this post has helped someone today.

Fibro Viv