Wednesday, November 19, 2008

A reason to smile -Sugar Snap Pea Meme

Hello Everyone!

Thanks to my friend Eric I keep smiling. This man has a caring heart and travels a lot because of his job, so please keep him in your prayers. I had to copy and paste from his post, so I hope I did it right. LOL

Sugar Snap Pea Meme

sugar snap peas

Peas belong in the veggy family known as legumes. Yhese SUPA plants produce pods with enclosed seeds. Sugga Snaapees are protein-rich, low fat, nutritional additions to almost any meal. In fact only lima beans are a better vegetable source of protein than peas. To me, there is nothing better than a fresh pea stripped from a pod, boiled quickly and then tossed with some sweet butter and salt .... they are sweet ... tender and delicious ... and so very nutritious ... a willa dilla dishious .... sugga suuga snappi PEAS!!!!!!!!!

Ma ma ma ma Munch munch munch munch

sugga suuga snappi PEAS!

All We Are Saying...Is Give Peas a Chance! : from the Olga Traveling Bra Bloggy

she said .....

"Yesterday, I was Twittering with some bloggy pals about the my obsession with
SUGAR SNAP PEAS! Yes, those sweet, crunchy, little greens pods of healthy yumminess that frankly, I just can't get anough of!
I told Jaffer of
ManiaRavings that
"My dream is to convert EVERYONE from potato chips to
Sugar Snap Peas!"
And he said: "How about a Sugar-Snap meme?"
Me: "SNAP! start it! LOL!"
Him: "I think I may try my hand at this!"
And sure 'nuff...he did!
Here's Jaffer's
(please check it out)
And here's my contribution:
An Ode To Sugar Snap Peas
Oh how I love my Sugar Snap Peas
I eat them guiltless whenever I please
One after the other
Buy 'em by the bagful
and eat them raw
or dunk 'n dip 'em
You can't go wrong!
40 calories per cup and ZERO fat
Sugar Snap Peas are where it's at!
Protein, fiber and Vitamin C too
Sugar Snap Peas are like a dream come true!
So toss your junk food and take a hike
Crunch on peas while you ride a bike
Soon you'll be happier and healthier too
'Cuz Sugar Snap Peas are GOOD FOR YOU!
I tag
Drowsey, Speedy, Mimi - the Queen of Memes,
Claire, and The Reverend."

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I added a few people, but all of you are always in my prayers and thoughts.

I pray and hope this makes you smile and anyone in pain has a pain and fatigue free day.

Fibro Viv

Sunday, November 02, 2008

What is new?

Hello Everyone!

After reviewing my notes from the past, I know I am feeling better and in a better place. I am grateful to everyone that has been there for me. I remember the days I could not get out of bed, the fatigue and pain I felt every moment of my life. My pain and fatigue have decreased since 1998. I pray there are others that feel the same way. The key is to keep track of your pain, keep moving (yoga, stretch, exercise), and stay positive. I must keep practicing what I preach to everyone, especially the pacing. I want everyone to know that if we are willing to stick to a regime, we will feel better.

Take control of your health, ask questions, try new techniques and ideas on dealing with fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue. I am able to look back at my journals and I have improved! Yes, I still get tired, weak and require naps, but I feel better and stronger.

I have been kind of tired, but I actually walked to my girlfriend's house the other day. She had a deadline to meet and I wanted to borrow her car, so I walked to her house and borrowed her car. After my doctor visit, I went to the pharmacy and had my prescriptions filled. By the time I made it back home, it was kind of hot outside, so I waited a couple of hours prior to returning the car. When I returned the car, my friend offered to drive me home. I wanted to walk home just because I could, granted she only lives three quarters of a mile from me, but I was able to walk without pain. Oh Yeah! Can you tell I am proud of myself? I never thought I would be able to walk for any distance without fatigue and extreme pain.

One day at a time, Sweet Jesus, one day at a time, and so the song goes, I often sing because it makes me smile. I still get fatigued and have pain, but I am in control. As long as I keep a positive attitude and continue to motivate myself, I have better days. I have great days, good days, fair days, and bad days, but I have more good days than bad days. My newest challenge or adventure is trying to figure out why the back of my head (lower section) has a long indent and why I have been having frequent headaches. I went to see my Neurologist and he said the dent was not normal, so I am going to for an MRI on Tuesday. I am sure I will be fine, but my Neurologist has to figure what is going on with my brain and neck. The left side of my body has always been the weakest, and I have experienced some electrical shock like sensations on my left side, from the top of my head to the bottom of my toes. Neck pain is not new to me, but it has increased and is very annoying.

Update on my poor hubby. He is scheduled for surgery on November 11, 2008 for Cervical Spinal Fusion. We are praying the surgery will be a success and he will recover without pain. The long term goal is to watch him grow stronger. He has been very weak, falling down on occasion, and also suffering from his pulmonary disease (COPD). He has had to use a walker and can only stand for a short period of time. I hope and pray this surgery makes a difference and helps him feel stronger. Please pray for him. He has been my rock and continues to love me as I am, just as I love him. Please pray for him, he is a good person.

On another note, I need to generate some income, soon. Any suggestions? I do not have transportation or money to invest. I would have to work from home and the hours would be limited due to my physical condition. I want to work, but I am not ready to jump in and kill myself, setting myself up for failure. I will be selling my beanies on this site. So please check out my beanie list, buy lots of beanies, give them as gifts or keep them for yourself. Make an offer, I will take a job or sell you my beanies! God Bless

Enjoy the day, I pray and hope you have a fatigue and pain-free day.

Fibro Viv