Sunday, September 16, 2007

My Experience With Liquidity

Hello Everyone,

I wanted to bring up this post again because I have read about several people who are having a difficult time with their health and energy levels. I take these organic products and they help me.

I would recommend the LiquiVida and MVM just to start feeling better. If you want to loose weight try adding the PLUS and LiquiGenic products. You don't necessarily have to visit my site, just go out and visit the Liquidity International website and read about the different organic products available.

My Experience With LIQUIDITY:

A dear friend of mine who actually saw me at my worst and worked with me during the onset of my illness found these products and decided to buy them for me to try. She purchased the following for me:

1). LiquiVida: is a power-packed liquid with a high content of organically grown Aloe Vera and a combination of rich antioxidants.

2). Mega Vitto-Mannan (MVM): The world of science has well-documented studies revealing highly oxygenated cells can better resist disease. Oxygen is essential to good health and is proven to increase energy, help the body prevent disease and better repair itself when injured.

3). Plus: is an all- natural energy and endurance formula. Synergistically formulated with 11 whole herbs (no extracts) along with soluble fiber and Chromium Picolinate, Plus promotes lean muscle mass and is designed to promote optimum health.

4). LiquiGenics: This emerges as a leader in our world-wide struggle with weight management. It creates a Thermogenic process which helps to naturally increase heat in the body, resulting in yellow fat burned as energy instead of stored as excess weight. When mixed with water, metabolism boosters are formed to initiate and aid in a more rapid weight loss. Adding LiquiGenics to good drinking water promotes proper hydration, which is critical for proper fat elimination.

This was my experience:

After one week of using these products as directed, I was able to reduce my Morphine ER dosage from (4) four times a day to twice a day. The Morphine ER only took the edge off the pain, this product actually reduced the pain level to zero with the exception of when I first wake-up and at bedtime.

* I suffered from Irritable Bowel Syndrome plus the Morphine tends to constipate you. I no longer suffer from constipation or diarrhea.

* There are some medications that cause weight gain and taking this product has allowed me to loose weight.

* While my energy level has improved and I continue to take these products. I missed a few weeks when I was visiting my sister and I could tell the difference! I will never stop using these products.

This has been my experience to date and I believe they are worth mentioning. I have joined the team as a distributor. I am no salesperson, but I want to share my experience with these products.

Special note to my dear friend Leslie:

Thank you for always thinking of me and my family and trying to help me find some type of help to alleviate the pain and fatigue I experience on a daily basis. I will never forget you and may God continue to bless you and help keep you healthy. Love your friend, Viv.

I pray and hope that this post has helped someone today.

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