Sunday, November 04, 2007

What is important for people with CFIDS/FMS?

It is important that we learn how to pace. I have been going non-stop prior to the birth of my Grandchildren. Two twin girls! I am a first time Grandmother living on fumes! I have done that which I ask all of you not to do. What did I do? Overdo!!! Shame on me:(

I know I must slow down and take some time to recover. The twins were worth the pain and fatigue I feel at this moment. The main thing I have to remember is that they will need me in the future, so I must go back and follow my own tips.

We must try to pace or we will end up in the ditch. I can hardly keep my eyes open. So, this post will be short.


It does not matter what is happening in your life, you must remember to “PACE.” If we do not pace ourselves we fall back and mess up our goal to take control of our health. We need to be healthy for our family. Please learn from my mistakes and take good care of yourself.

I hope and pray this information has helped someone today.

Fibro Viv

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