Friday, May 25, 2007

How to keep working hands soft

We all use our hands to perform various tasks at home and work. Water tends to remove oils from hands, try soaking them in clear water for a few moments, then pat them dry after you have completed your task. Use brushes and cotton gloves while cleaning your home. If you do not use these tools the moisture and water content of the skin is dry and hands are not soft. You can make your own products with items you might already have handy.

Here are some tips to keep your hands soft and smooth:

* Take shorter lukewarm baths or showers, not hot and use moisturizing body and hand soap.

* Apply moisturizer after washing your hands and during the winter use heavier ointments and creams on hands.

* Try to keep from exposing hands to sunlight or at least use sunblock on your hands, not just your body.

* Soothe hands by rubbing them using baby powder.

* Try exfoliating your hands in this mixture: Use a blender to grind up one cup of Cheerios's into fine powder then pour it into a bowl. Rub the oak cereal over your hands, then wash them in cool water followed with a cream moisturizer. You can also use Quaker Oaks.

* To keep hands exfoliated and moisturized rub extra crunchy peanut butter into hands, then wipe them clean with a paper towel. The oil moisturizes, while the peanuts exfoliate hands, elbows and knees.

* Keep Cort-aid handy in your kitchen or bathroom sink and each time you wash your hands, rub a small dab of this cream into your hands.

* Soften your hands by applying corn starch just like lotion.

* Aloe is an excellent moisturizer, take advantage of this plant.

* Coat your hands with Vaseline Petroleum Jelly, slip them inside two zip lock bags, wait about 10-15 minutes, then wash hands with warm water.

* Before going to bed, apply Vaseline Petroleum Jelly into your hands and wear cotton gloves.

* Fill your sink with warm water, add a couple of drops of lemon juice, a bit of olive oil and liquid hand soap. Rub your hands together in the water and let them soak for a few minutes. This little recipe makes them nice and smooth.

Do you want to make your own soft skin lotion? You will need the following ingredients; one cup dried chamomile, four tablespoons honey, one cup milk and eight teaspoons wheat germ. Steep chamomile in milk for a few hours. Strain it, keeping the liquid, add honey and wheat germ to the mixture and blend well. Place in a bottle or container and refrigerate any unused portions. This particular mixture keeps for about a week and can be used for your body and hands.

To keep your hands soft, you must keep them moisturized and use other tools to clean your home. Take advantage of the tips I noted above and enjoy. You can also find many fine hand products in the retail market.

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