Thursday, May 17, 2007


Thinking back about how I formed my technique and values on life and work, I acknowledge my parents, acquaintances, brother, sister’s and friends. Whether we want to admit it or not we spend time studying people, their mannerisms, movements and what intrigues us about them. We start to create our own character and personality by simply deciding what we like or dislike about people. Their strength, weakness, voice, mannerism, communication, the way they dress, and how they carry on. We all have lessons to learn from each individual we come into contact with. I love spending time watching people, their reactions to situations, their interactions with different types of people or situations they encounter.

I sit back listen carefully, study their behavior and then think about how I behave or what I want to change. I decide I like how a certain individual handled a situation or treated a person. Or I might not like what I see and hear. It is from those experiences that I encourage myself to act, mimic or try to understand the behavior I like or dislike. I study them carefully, watch their behavior. Does it fit my personality or is it something I would like to see in myself? Then I try to practice what I believe is an acceptable style and behavior. Of course a lot of what I may be viewing or accepting might have come from my own up bringing. My parents. One of the key things I believe people need to understand and accept in their development is what feels comfortable to them. What is acceptable to them. Plan it out, act it out, and see if it fits in with what you believe in. Our parents play a large role in our personality, behavior, but in the end we make up our minds to become and act as we please. They cannot control your thoughts, emotions, and make you be a devout Catholic, Baptist, etc. We are all influenced by parts of other people and ultimately decide what path to take. It is your ultimate choice.

I believe God deals us a deck of cards, or gives us our own cross to bear. That gift is something he believes we can handle. They are not always pleasant or easy. It is up to us to make the best of what comes our way and learn to share that experience. Try to remember that we are here to help people, learn lessons and carry them out the best we can. The key is to remember that integrity is being on the inside what you profess to be on the outside.

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