Monday, May 07, 2007



1. What is the name of the medication, and why
am I taking it?

2. When and how do I take it? Do I take it at the
same time every day?

3. What if I miss a dose?

4. Is there a generic or other less expensive drug
I can take?

5. Should I take this medication on an empty
stomach or with food?

6. Can it be crushed or do I need to swallow
it whole?

7. How long should I take it?

8. Does this medication contain anything to which
I may have had a previous allergic reaction
(i.e., penicillin, sulfa, etc.)?

9. Should I avoid alcohol, certain foods, activities or
other prescription or over-the-counter drugs?

10. Are there any possible side effects such as
drowsiness? Any dizziness?

11. Could this medication interact with other
medications I take?

12. Where should I store this medication? Does it
need to be refrigerated?

13. Can I have written instructions?

I pray and hope that this checklist helps someone today. Praying for a pain free day.

Fibro Viv

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