Monday, May 21, 2007



Sometimes I am in the mood to sit back and do nothing, I say, "Why not?"! Appearances can seem misleading, I may not look busy on the outside, I may be processing a lot inside. It can be overwhelming to try to retain and use all the knowledge a person absorbs. So I just relax and concentrate on what is most important at this very moment in my life. I have to tackle any self-doubts I have by convincing myself that I can do it. Taking a good look at myself may be scary. I actually profit a great deal by discovering I do have something to offer. Take the time to think about what I have offered and what I may have time to offer, my gift in life, support, and any knowledge that may be helpful.

If I feel very sentimental but can't quite put my finger on why, I think about that nostalgic tone within me that calls out to me like a sweet, soft song. I try looking back on my past for clues on how to solve a dilemma. I could remember a lesson I learned in the past, it may help me immensely. Then I remind myself that I do have something to offer and share with people. People who are willing to listen. I know it may sound like I am repeating myself. Sometimes we have to repeat to ourselves that "we do have something to offer someone somewhere."

The quality of time spent alone can be excellent if you cherish peace, some quiet time, and make the most of it. Due to my chronic illness, I have had more time to spend alone. I know there are people that wish they had that time. Be careful what you wish for. Sometimes the harsh reality of having that time can be haunting and lonely. Make it part of your daily life to keep in touch with someone.

When my mental energy is riding high -- it's time to tackle overdue projects. It seems like a great day to do things on my own without worrying about what others expect from me. However, these days there are not many people that expect much from me. Sad, but true. I am no stranger to courage and I take pride in my appearance and my warm personality. I also like expressing my personal authority, that used to open some new doors for people and change certain peoples opinions on various subject matters. In my own personal involvements I know I must learn to nurture myself as well. This is part of my healing process.

Make an effort to do some type of self-help activity daily. It will make you and maybe someone else feel better!

I pray and hope this post has helped someone today!:)



Anonymous said...

I have found that I have turned into a hermit and I do not like it. It has helped me to read your posts.

Thanks for the information,


Fibro Viv said...

Thanks for your comments. Just remember...Make an effort to do some type of self-help activity daily.

Fibro Viv