Sunday, May 06, 2007

How to become a better person

I believe that we all try to become a better person as we mature in life. It happens to different people at different times in their life. It could be an experience they had that caused them to stop and think about who they are and what they want people to perceive them as. It is normal to want to become a better person.

You are in control of your emotions, not anyone else. People might provoke you, however, you have total control of your emotions and reactions to situations in life. So remember that you are in control and if you allow others to take control, you will not be able to take charge of your emotions, personality, generosity and integrity.

You have to start by liking and loving yourself. In order to do this you must take the time to make yourself happy. Once you start sharing your love and keep the faith in yourself, you will continue to gain hope and happiness.

* Integrity is the key to keeping yourself in check and becoming a better person. Share your dreams with people and help them realize their strengths, hopes and dreams. Stay honest to yourself and others.

* Try to create and be around calm, happy people and environments. Reduce the clutter in your home and work space. Practice meditation or prayer daily. Share your experiences with others and you will feel stronger and happier because you have helped someone else.

* Do not procrastinate. It will not only make you feel better about yourself, it shows you are responsible and people notice. You will achieve your dreams, success and good fortune when you do not procrastinate. Others will notice you and you will receive compliments and you should compliment others given the opportunity. This will make you and others smile, which in turn leads to becoming a better person.

* Take the time to understand people and their personalities, likes, dislikes, what they are truly about. Always try to find the good in people. Everyone has something good to offer and you can gain experience from their knowledge. Listening, sharing your time, and sharing part of yourself not only forms great bonds, it is also a key to happiness. Remain open-minded to all possibilities, cast aside any self doubts and help others who share their problems. Recast their self doubts with positive statements or comments. Everyone will feel better and you will be a better person for remaining open-minded.

* Our inner energy levels change with our moods. Try to engage in some type of activity with people that helps boost your energy and theirs. Keeping in touch with family, friends, etc. helps you focus better. You also gain the ability to retain information because your energy levels are high.

* Peace, hope and honesty are very important in life. Practicing and trying to reach these three things in life will make you a better person. You know who you truly are, and you must continue to define yourself by rejecting practices and philosophies that you know are not healthy or honest. Your honesty will keep you at peace and help you spread hope each and every day.

* Stay committed to your work and try to make sure you volunteer your time or money to a good cause. Your sincere commitment to hard work helps you and others become better people. You lead by example and this tip will certainly be noticed by others.

* When you see someone who needs help, do what you can to lend a hand. You do not have to broadcast that you have helped someone. You will feel good and that should be enough. By letting your compassionate side come out, you will soon feel how empowering it can be to sacrifice your time and energy for someone else's sake. Let it remind you of the value of connecting with people who aren't as fortunate as you.

* Taking pride in yourself is important. It can also destroy people, so be cautious and do not misuse pride. Acknowledge we are not perfect human beings. Take the opportunity, time and guidance to become a better person each day of your life. Wake up each morning and be grateful for your blessings and share those blessing with others when possible. Appreciate every single thing you have, especially your family and friends.

* If there is anything that we wish to change in others, we should first take the time to look in the mirror and examine our own actions. It is only then that we can understand and see whether it is not something that could better be changed in ourselves.

Please share this information with family, friends, and acquaintances to help them refresh their perspective on life and become better people. Life is too short and how we handle ourselves, love and stay true to ourselves is the time we spend on this earth. We are all here for a reason. Make it a good one and try to become a better person.

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