Saturday, May 19, 2007


When you have some emotional distance time, find ways to improve things that really bug you. Planning your actions or reactions will help you think clearer and feel better. I remember times when my desk at home was messy and instead of dealing with it, I let the clutter and mess bother me. Since I did not deal with it, what happened? It got worse. The key was to place my emotional thoughts on hold and specifically think about what I could do to make it better. One day at a time, even a few minutes, hours, whatever I could handle given my energy level. I stopped placing so much of my emotional feeling towards any negative thoughts I had towards trying to achieve a clean desk. These are a few of the things I used:

* Positive affirmations

* Visualization

* When I felt like it, I had my niece come over and help me clean it up.

* Plan or map out a half day, a day, week, whenever...I just took advantage of celestial energies and thought about what it was I was trying to accomplish. I felt better just visualizing my dreams and plans.

* Clear plastic containers

* Labels that helped keep my files or papers organized.

I planned it out and did not feel guilty about not having the energy to accomplish it on that given date. My recommendation is to give yourself a break. I instantly felt better even before I had my niece come over because I planned it out.

Try to examine any emotional problems or tensions from an objective point of view. If you have disagreements with others -- patch things up. It lifts your spirit and releases bad energy. Personally, I have found my pain level is worse around any type of tension.

If you take the time to kick back, relax, and pamper yourself you will feel better. Remember that you deserve it. Do not beat yourself up because you cannot complete as many things as you used to be able to do. This was a big step for me and very hard to accept.

I hope and pray this post has helped someone today. Have a pain free day.

Fibro Viv

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