Friday, May 25, 2007

I am still writing....Ways to Save Water at Home


Start by inspecting your toilet for leaks. A leaky flapper or not utilizing a low flush toilet increases water use. Older toilets can also leak near the pipes. You can easily tell if your toilet continues to sound like water is flowing, there is a problem. Check your shower heads, if necessary replace them with water saving shower heads. Do you have family members that shower too long? Inform your family how long showers can increase the cost of your bill. Brushing your teeth or shaving does not require water running during the whole process.

Check all faucets for drips. Sometimes bathtub faucets continue to drip if not turned off completely. Check under the cabinet sinks in the kitchen, bathroom and anywhere outside your home faucets are located. Also check your washing machine, ice maker, anywhere water is used. Do you wash dishes manually? Limit the amount of time you rinse the dishes, some people leave the water running while washing and rinses dishes. This is wasteful, use your spray device to rinse. If your sink does not have one, consider buying one. Also washing vegetables while the water is running can increase your water consumption. Try using a bowl filled with clean water or fill your kitchen sink with the least amount of water necessary to wash vegetables. While you are at it, limit the use of your garbage disposal which requires rinsing.

Swimming pools, water sprinkler systems also affect your water consumption. Swimming pools have an automatic fill valve that can get stuck in an open position and if the pool has cracks, you are using more water. If you have a water sprinkler, review when and how often it is used. Is it necessary to water that often?

Do you wash your own car? Consider using a car wash instead of your water hose. You end up using running water for long periods of time while cleaning your car. I have seen people actually wash their sidewalks with their garden hose. Sweep it, don't run water down the driveway.

Many individuals do not realize how much water is wasted on a daily basis while just completing everyday tasks. Reviewing your monthly water bill can help you understand where there might be ways to control the cost. You must also educate your family and establish guidelines.

I hope and pray this helps someone today.

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