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Adult Acne: Understanding the differences from teen acne

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There are people that do not experience acne until their adult years. Skin adapts to different temperatures by controlling moisture loss however, a change in diet, hygiene or stress can contribute to skin changes. Although acne may start during teen years, our age and hormones cause breakouts. The body still continues to change based on chemistry or hormone changes later in life. As people age the skin may get oilier than it used to be and people start seeing the very first signs of aging.

Poor diet, smoking excess, free radicals, and sun exposure damage the skin and are very visible. The skin surface over the course of time can develop bad skin cells and eventually cause a flare-up of acne and skin texture changes. Nutrition is important because any excessive oil production within the body causes more oil glands on the forehead, chin, nose and sometimes sides of the face. Busy careers or lives may lead to increasing fast food consumption that is not good for the body or skin.

Adults get busy with their careers or become ill and get stressed out. Large pores show up more vividly and breakouts tend to rise as body chemistry changes. Stress sometimes causes sweat glands to release moisture onto the skin. The moisture and oil mix on the skin surface develops the skins characteristics.

An adult that is ill may not tend to their skin as frequently as a teenager would. Priorities, diet and activities change. Simple things like keeping clean pillowcases affect skin. The pillowcases absorb some oil during the night and your hair also plays a part in aggravating breakouts. If your hair is not pulled back during sleep or is all over your face during the day, it builds up oil.

There are certain types of jobs and environments that may cause a flare-up of acne. Touching or holding hands against the face during work hours contribute to oil build-up. Cosmetic products or heavy makeup use can block pores and cause problems.

The bottom line is both teenagers and adults are prone to break-outs. The proper water consumption, diet, hygiene and skincare affect all skin types. The only significant difference is a persons life style, body chemistry, age and priorities.

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