Monday, May 21, 2007

Sometimes Looking Back Helps

I am going to share a few comments from a dear friend and client I used to have when employed. Why? I am doing it because after reading it again, I realized I could offer a lot of whom I am even if I am not employed. Here goes:


I am so grateful that you and I crossed paths. You showed me a model of the type of leader I could be proud of emulating. You showed me how to lead people to success through knowledge, support and understanding. You helped me see that not all battles are wars and that few are really worth fighting. You taught me the importance of leading by example and of never expecting of others what I wouldn't expect of myself. You showed me how to lead with compassion while still clearly expecting commitment and production from the team and that commitment starts with the leader. You proved to me that getting involved and being hands on is not only permissible but advantageous and rewarding. You taught me that a great leader sets the pace and by being passionate, committed and knowledgeable about the cause, others will lead in kind.

You are a leader that left an everlasting imprint on my heart and for that I am forever grateful. Thank you for being such a great leader and an even better friend.


Susan will never know just how much her memo meant to me and how it has kept me from feeling worthless. When you have this terrible disease and you are limited in what you can accomplish, you need to find a way to pull yourself up and keep on trucking. I know there are others ways to pull yourself up without looking back, I choose to look back and still move forward.

I hope and pray this information has helped someone today. Have a pain free day.


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