Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Cognitive Behavior Therapy..Is it for You?

Cognitive behavior therapy is basically used to help people understand their emotions and thoughts. Patients are asked to keep a journal or notebook handy so they can write down their symptoms and note down what is happening, their thoughts and emotional process at that point in time. The process enables a patient to identify any negative thoughts or emotions they may be experiencing when they are in pain. This type of therapy teaches patients how to control their thoughts, and change the process to something positive. Negative emotions affects their body and learning to notice their stress related thoughts, patterns, and reactions will enable a patient to control their thought process.

This type of therapy is utilized on individuals that have a chronic disorder or those who have to deal with some type of disability the rest of their lives. Some people forget or tend to ignore any positive experiences they lived in the past and believe it will never happen again. Some times without even realizing they are their own enemy, per say. They tend to overgeneralize their diagnosis and see themselves suffering the rest of their lives. If they experience any time of the day, week or month without pain, they do not focus on that. Instead, their thought process is still focusing on the negative.

There are people that suddenly get chronically ill or are diagnosed with a disorder that requires them to change their lifestyle. This is a very difficult time in their life, not only are they suddenly ill, they are now required to accept change. This change is sometimes viewed negatively. Some patients tend to set higher expectations on themselves, which only leads to failure. Others just expect to be able to handle tasks, be it physical or mental, as usual. The frustration leads to negative thoughts and emotions instead of working on the healing process. Changes in their lifestyle, expectations and accepting help from others is not always pleasant and can feel degrading.

Cognitive behavior therapy enables an individual to think rationally, defuse anger and stops them from placing the blame on themselves. People personalize everything by trying to understand what caused their illness or disorder. Attitude has a lot to do with emotions and how the body processes these emotions. There are many different types of treatments included with this type of therapy. Patients are encouraged to utilize these other treatments. They may include yoga, biofeedback, relaxation tapes, meditation and
sometimes hypnosis.

The entire process enables patients to become aware of their surrounding, thought process and enables them change them into positive affirmations and reactions. It takes many sessions with the therapist in order to understand the process and change their mindset. The other treatments mentioned above should be mandated while undergoing Cognitive Behavior Therapy.

Please consider the option of utilizing Cognitive Behavior Therapy if you are experiencing thoughts and emotions that lead you to blame yourself for your illness.

I hope and pray this information has helped someone today.

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Anonymous said...

My insurance company would not approve this portion of the rehabilitation program I joined recently. I am fortunate to have access to the internet for articles such as yours.

Fibro Viv said...

I am going to post some ways to change your thought process when you feel badly.

I hope this helps.

Fibro Viv

Andrew said...

Thanks for the thoughts!


Fibro Viv said...

Anytime, you are invited to make any comments and post anytime.

Thanks again!