Sunday, April 29, 2007

Energy Efficiency Tips

Energy Efficiency Tips

You can save energy dollars by following these simple tips. Many of them are common sense suggestions that require no tools or out of pocket expense. Over time, you will see your energy efficiency increase and your energy savings multiply.

* Clean or replace filters at least once a month.
* Dirty filters make your system work harder and run longer than necessary.
* They also encourage the buildup of mold and mildew, making cleaning more difficult.

Shade outside air conditioning units (condensers).
A/C units shaded by trees or other means work more efficiently and use up to 10% less electricity.

* Clean your AC's condenser/evaporator coils at the beginning of the season.
* Clean coils lower your energy costs, extend the unit's life and provide cleaner air for you to breathe.
* The fin coils on the outside AC unit can be washed with a hose.
* Coils on inside units may be difficult to get to and may require a trained technician.

* Keep debris and high grass away from the condenser. These obstacles block the airflow to the unit. Blockage makes the condenser work harder and run longer.

* Set your thermostat at 78 in the summer and 68 in the winter.
Each degree cooler or warmer will increase your energy use by 6 to 8%. For instance, setting your thermostat at 72 in the summer could increase energy use by up to 40%. The same is true if you set your thermostat for higher energy use in the winter.
One of the best ways to save energy dollars is to use less air conditioning and heating.

* If you have central air conditioning, do not close vents in unused rooms.
This could increase pressure and cause leaks in your ducts. This does not apply to homes or apartments with window units where closing off unused rooms will reduce cooling costs and increase comfort.

* Consider new high efficiency air conditioners and heat pumps.
They use up to 40% less electricity than older models for the same amount of running time.

Your electric company may have programs available for lower-income and disabled people. Do the research or have a friend help you find out. I had a dear friend look into this for our family, and we will be getting help.

If there is one thing I have experienced in this life time, it is the generous support and help from family and friends. I wish this for everyone.

May God Bless you and I hope these tips have helped someone today. Praying for a pain and fatigue free day.


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