Friday, April 06, 2007

Glossary: Pain Management

addiction: a term referring to compulsive drug use, psychological dependence and continuing use despite harm. Addiction is frequently and incorrectly equated with physical dependence and withdrawal. Physical dependence, not addiction, is an expected result of opioid use.

chronic pain: a persistent state of pain whereby the cause of the pain cannot be removed. Chronic pain is often associated with long-term incurable or intractable medical conditions or disease.

opiate: drugs whose origin is the opium poppy, including codeine and morphine.

opioid: a scientific term denoting both natural (codeine, morphine) and synthetic (methadone, fentanyl) drugs. A type of medication related to opium. Opioid's are strong analgesics.

palliative care: sometimes referred to as comfort care or hospice care, palliative care is a comprehensive approach to treating serious illness with a focus on keeping dying patients comfortable through pain control and addressing psychological, social and spiritual concerns, instead of treating the disease or condition.

terminal illness: a condition that is incurable and irreversible.

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