Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Sure makes it hard to pay bills when you cannot work

Hello Everyone,

Did my title catch your eye? Well, it is have a hard time meeting monthly bills when you cannot work and only receive disability from your social security benefits. I am just tired of dealing with these bills. Do you think I might be able to ignore them? No, because your phone rings and rings and you get notices daily!

Oh boy, do I have an attitude today! I guess I am just venting. This bad feeling of keeps coming up. Why? Go away ugly feeling, stay away from me now, I don't need you around....sing...sing....sing. Nope, not working....I keep trying to get myself in a good mood. I have to get a A+ for trying!:)

This will pass....I know it will....maybe I will win the lottery! Let's see? Do I have a dollar to buy a ticket? No. Oh well, the dream and thought was there!:)

Hang in there can only get better when you hit rock bottom.

Have a day with no pain or fatigue! Maybe we can at least have that?


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