Friday, June 15, 2007

Exercise for your neck muscles :)

Does stress or lack of rest give you a pain in the neck? Try the following exercise to relieve the muscle pain:

Lie face-up and gently lift your head, then lower it for about two to three sets of twenty repetitions three times a week.

Completing these neck strengthening exercises can relieve your pain and prevent them from coming back if you are consistent about completing the exercise noted above. Add it to your daily exercise regimen.

I hope and pray this information will help someone today.


Anonymous said...

If you want a good neck stretching exercise, try this....
(1) bend your ear toward your shoulder
(2) drop your chin down toward your chest
(3) turn your head to the side (no, you don't have to cough)
this is a good neck stretch. Now do it on the other side.

Fibro Viv said...

Thanks for sharing your tip!

Fibro Viv