Sunday, June 10, 2007

Does anyone suffer from swollen hands, legs, etc.?


I thought I would write up some tips for those people that suffer from swollen hands, legs, etc. Due to this illness and even prior to it, I suffered from swollen hands and feet. These are some of the things I did that helped me:

1). When you go walking, take your rings off and wear looser tennis shoes.
2). Reduce your salt intake.
3). Drink sport drinks that help replace electrolytes, but not too much.
4). Drink water, forget about sodas and carbonated drinks.
5). Try moving your arms, hands, feet and legs around to help the circulation. I know some people cannot exercise, but try simple stretching and just swing your arms and make a fist with your hand, then spread your fingers open. Lift your legs and twist your feet around.
6). Massages also help circulation.

Basically watch your diet and drink intake. It makes a big difference.

I pray and hope this post has helped someone today.

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