Monday, September 21, 2009

A water leak, now what?

Hello Everyone,

I had a great day of sleep on Saturday and was able to wake up on Sunday without too much trouble. I am off the Concerta ER because it is too expensive and I have met my donut hole. The new cheaper medication does not seem to be doing the job of keeping me alert.

Jerry had another rough night and could hardly breathe. We called the doctor and I ended up having to drop him off at the emergency room hospital before I picked up my son.

As we stepped out, we noticed a puddle of water in close to the truck. I thought the water had been left on, oh no, it was a water leak. That was the least of my problems; I had to get Jerry to the hospital. Anyway, I ended up dropping Jerry off, picking up my son and he was so kind as to fix the leak. I am blessed in so many ways. My son offered to take care of the leak as soon as he noticed it. Poor baby ended up staying over until 2:30 PM because he had to run back and forth to Home Depot for parts.

So my hubby is in the hospital, my son fixed my water leak and as soon as he went home, I went straight to bed. I am physically and mentally exhausted. I am not fighting this exhaustion and I am going to take care of myself. The doctor's and nurses can take care of Jerry; it is time for me to rest.

Since I am trying to catch up on my posting, I will go ahead and let you know what I did today, Sunday. Absolutely nothing, I slept in and then I decided to read my emails and post. I did take time out to cook one meal and visit with Jerry on the telephone. Right after this post, I am going back to bed. My mind and body need this long overdue rest. That motivational voice is not coming out today either!

We know when to say "Absolutely NO" to everything and everyone. I am going to allow my body to heal. My goal is to wake up whenever, plan to complete maybe two chores and rest. I need to rest so that I can take my Mom to the doctor on Thursday for a final test. My younger son cleaned up the living, dining, and kitchen area (floors too), so I just have to clean my room and take care of laundry. I am behind on the laundry so I will enlist some help.

I know I promised some information on breathing. I will try to post that information in the next day or so. Meanwhile, do listen to your body, rest and know when to say "absolutely no."

Thinking, hoping and praying you are all having better days filled with love and compassion.

P.S. I know my writing probably isn't very clear, forgive me. I will edit new posts. Later!:)


La Jenno said...

Wow, sounds like you weren't even playing about that busy week! I'd be bushed too! It's good that you know how to say "absolutely no" when it'll be more than you can take to say "yes." That's one of my problems is piling to many favors, chores, and general "doing" into my days. I had a resting day the other day and it was *awesome.* Hope yours was great, too!


Fibro Viv said...

I went from practically doing nothing to handling too many chores at once. Not a good thing! I need to go back to scheduling my days and weeks.

I have a whole new attitude about how I feel even though I still have pain and fatigue. Sometimes a good long rest makes a big difference. Of course it helps not to have little ones to tend to. I feel badly for people that have no support system.

Keep smiling and enjoy the miracles in our life, especially our loved ones.