Sunday, September 20, 2009

September 16ths Activities

Hello Everyone!

Sorry I have not posted. I am catching up from a very busy week. Wednesday I started my day reviewing bills trying to decide what has to be paid and budgeting in medications, gasoline and groceries. The house and utilities always come first. Then I move on to medical bills and leaving money for medications and groceries.

Jerry's newest doctor was located at Austin's Captial Otolaryngology, a ear, nose and throat doctor. He used to suffer from polyps and his Pulmonary doctor suggested he go visit this doctor. His pulmonary doctor is trying everything and anything. I give him credit for that.

Anyway, this group of doctors are dedicated to giving their patients individualized attention and are very compassionate. I guarantee you, he listened, examined and performed a CT scan. You know how hard it is to find a doctor who actually spends more than 5 minutes with you? Dr. Slaughter examined Jerry, asked questions, reviewed his history, ran the scan and gave us his thoughts. He gave us a chance to ask questions and offered suggestions prior to even suggesting surgery. Thank goodness. Some patients with nasal and sinus troubles often don’t realize that their symptoms are actually caused by allergies. We however, know that we all suffer from allergies. I truly believe we made a mistake moving to Austin and should have stayed in Phoenix, Arizona. Family brought us back and we will stay here for as long as we can. My Mother is a very important part of our lives and now we have grandchildren, so we are here for now. Good or bad we are working our way as well as we can.

Back to nasal issues, there are some patients who have structural problems such as a deviated septum, nasal polyps, old nasal fractures or internal deformities. There are some people that have nasal tumors. Jerry has had nasal polyps previously and he has an infection. We need to work on clearing him up. An ENT can determine the precise cause of your symptoms and provide the best treatment. The doctor prescribed a combination of customized nasal sprays containing an antibiotic combination specific to Jerry's sinus infections. The doctor called in the scripts and we were to wait until the Pharmacy called us. So I decided to take my hubby home.

I was in pain and fatigued but able to drive Jerry home so I could proceed with my "to do" list. I went to pick up a couple of things for my Mom, visited my older sister for a bit, delivered Moms items and went home. I ended up having to babysit my nephew because my sister's sitter bailed out. My niece tagged along because she wanted to visit with me. I ended up spending the evening helping my nephew with homework and entertaining my niece. My focus was on taking care of others, so I was able to stop focusing on my pain. Sometimes this helps and sometimes it makes you feel worse. I was lucky and felt good until about 9:00 P.M.

I took a hot bath and went to bed. I was exhausted and had little to no trouble sleeping. The key is to move around, try to focus on other people but still take care of yourself.

A hot bath, deep breathing exercises will help you clear your mind of a busy day. Please remember that the way you breathe can have a tremendous effect on your body and on the way you feel throughout the day. Breathing in special ways can dramatically lower your heart rate and decrease blood pressure. It also does away with unnecessary muscle tension, as well as a therapeutic effect on a number of bodily processes. Tomorrow I will post benefits of breathing.

I hope you had a fatigue and pain free day.

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