Sunday, September 13, 2009

Rain and Weather Changes

Hello Everyone,

Rain is what we needed however, my body does not like any type of weather change. I am sure many of you experience increased pain prior to and during any type of weather changes. On the positive side...our body predicts weather changes. There is always something good about what is happening to us, we may not appreciate it at the time, but if we dig deep enough we can find something positive.

I am feeling much better since I have started back on my schedule. It takes my body time to adjust to the morning or afternoon, depending on when I wake up. My hubby gives me my medication and I stay in bed until I can get my head in sink with my body. I have to take Concerta ER, 30 MG along with my pain medication to help me wake up. Since I have never been able to consistently gain a good nights sleep and I try not to take sleeping pills, my sleep patterns and quality of sleep tend to vary. Interesting, when I finally fall asleep I cannot wake up, see saw see saw, you would think that would put me to sleep. Silly me!

Here is my schedule:

Hubby gives me my medication at a certain time if I have appointments, otherwise he lets me sleep in longer. I wait for the wake-up pills to kick in and slowly start small movements, starting with slow gentle arm lifts, wiggle my toes around, lift my legs and and move my head around. Depending on the pain level it may take me awhile to get going. My hands and fingers tend to fall asleep and my husband massages them for me to get that blood circulating. The best thing to do is to stick to a scheduled time for morning and bedtime. Unfortunately, my hubby spoils me and lets me sleep in because he knows I more than likely had a rough night. A warm to hot bath helps the aches and pains. I eat a small breakfast (these days it is oatmeal) and drink plenty of water. Always eat something for breakfast, it is good for you!

I used to have IBS problems, but I found eating small portions throughout the day and avoiding certain foods has nearly eliminated my IBS challenges. Here is a good tip, try not to remain standing or sitting for too long. Adjust your body position throughout the day. When you start feeling more fatigued, grab some pillows and sit on an arm chair or recliner. Place pillows under each arm, behind your back and neck, have your legs lifted with pillows under your knees and feet. Sit there for at least 5-10 minutes, it helps. If you are in pain use your cold and hot therapy. If you can nap, go for it, otherwise just relax.

Also, if you have a tens unit, use it! You can set it at whatever level helps your muscles.

I take care of my daily tasks slowly and have to rest during tasks. Some days all I do is fold towels and need rest. Take small steps and remember those chores will still be there waiting or enlist some help.

Good posture is important for your upper and lower back area. Remember to do posture scans. I will add the instructions for posture scans. My bedtime is inconsistent depending on my activity level I may go to bed as early as 7:00 PM or past midnight. It is interesting how our body and mind refuse to connect and stay in sink.

If you are unable move around and need help with circulation, have someone give you a massage. I also use the OxyPro machine, it is like sort of like the Chi machine. It moves your body and gets your circulation going. I place my ankles on it, set it for a few minutes and the speed depends on how I feel. I will place a picture of it down below.

Bedtime is interesting, I cuddle with my hubby if I am not sensitive to touch and later start my prayer list. I pray until I fall asleep. I have restless legs and have to wiggle my legs in bed to help me relax. My hubby takes sleeping pills so the movement does not bother him.

A funny story, when my nephew was younger and assisted with bedtime, I would lay down with him and my restless leg movement would actually rock him to sleep. My restless legs served a purpose!

I am sorry if this post is hard to understand, I am just typing away. My basic message is: Please learn from my mistakes.

1. Keep a consistent schedule (morning and bedtime)
2. Stick to what works with medications (I will probably always try to stop taking certain medications)

I pray and hope everyone has a fatigue and pain free day. Please remember there is always something positive about our experiences.


a. Where are your feet when you are sitting? They should be positioned under your knees with legs relaxed.

b. No slumping while sitting...make sure your shoulders are not rounded, your back is straight and you are sitting on an even surface.

c. Are your knees loose?....relax your legs.

d. Where is your head while sitting?....Lift collar bone, inhale, exhale but maintain collar bone position. Sit up straight.

Try doing this and checking your posture during the day. It really helps.

The use of my pillows are to replace the cost of buying the following (click on the link: Comfort Pillow Cushion

The exercise machine that helps me move without effort is an OxyPro. I basically just turn it on and place on feet on it while lying down and it moves my body around causing circulation throughout the body. I recently heard about a machine called the Chi Machine. I don't have a picture of my machine, but here is the link to the Chi machine: Chi Machine


LookingForNormal said...

OMG I thought it was just me. My body hurts sooo bad when the weather changes. I have severe scoliosis, depression, anxiety, blood clots, etc. I really need to come back and read all of your blog and I will. Im so sorry you have to got through the pain and unless you do you dont know what it is like. Although I think your allot braver than I am. Please read my blog maybe we can help eachother in some way. even just to talk. thanks. great blog!

Fibro Viv said...

Hello Looking for Normal!

It sounds like you have been through so much. It is tough to maintain a good attitude, but we have to fight these symptoms or they will consume our life.

I tried getting on your site and the only thing that comes up is code. Will you check it out and see if you can view your site.

Thanks for commenting. It is great to find a new friend that understands the pain, fatigue and changes in life.


Fibro Viv said...

Hello LookingForNormal,

I have been trying to access your blog site. Will you please view it and send me the link at

God Bless and I hope you are feeling better these days.

chimachine4 said...

I have been dealing with Fybromyalgia. Upon my doctor's advice, I decided to use chi machine. My back pain just got reduced as time pass by and shoulder tension also decreased.

Fibro Viv said...

Hello Chimachine4,

I am happy to hear you are no longer having back problems. I have heard great things about the chi machine.

Wishing you better health!