Sunday, October 04, 2009

What's New?

Hello Everyone!

I have been so busy taking Mom to the doctor, Jerry to the doctor, checking in on my friends, and visiting my beautiful twin grandchildren (Lorena and Alessandra). I will have to add a picture of them here for you to see. I need a recent photo, so it will come soon.

I just visited a beautiful site with a beautiful song that has to be at the top of my favorite songs. I love all kinds of music, but this song just calmed me down and made me feel so good. The words are what I believe people are! We all have so much to share and experience.

Here is the link to site of my newest friend connection and song: Smile

I will write soon, just wanted to share that song. I am feeling a bit better and working on listening to that inside voice that is just whispering for now. Smile Smile:)

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