Monday, August 27, 2007

Viv's tips: Key factors to a "Flare Up Plan"


1). Breathe. Use relaxation techniques. Relaxation response throughout the day will keep the "snow ball" effect from occurring.

2). Posture.
Interrupt prolonged positions and change positions every hour. You must take charge of this - set an alarm if needed. Always keep towels, pillows or posture supports handy. Alignment decreases the effort muscles exert.

3). Modalities. Use ice, heat, TENS or tennis balls for self-massage. There are many ways to perform each of these. Think about what your body needs this time.

4). Stretching.
Perform your stretching program more gently. Breathe into each movement fully. Joints and soft-tissue need the movement, but since you are likely to lose motion during a flare up, stretch should be in a fairly pain free range.

5). Recovery.
Recovery is necessary. Plan to rest muscles more and get into positions that let the muscles relax. These are great times to use modalities.

6). Confidence.
Everyone has flare-ups. The more experience you get in handling them the shorter they will last. You many need to ask for additional help. You will definitely have to prioritize which activities you HAVE to do.

7). Review. If you can figure out the cause of the flare up you are a genius. BE KIND TO YOURSELF, YOU ARE LEARNING.

Take care and I hope and pray you have a pain and fatigue free day!:)


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