Monday, February 12, 2007

Target Heart Range Monitoring Aerobic Exercise

There are ways to monitor aerobic exercise intensity by taking your heart rate at different times while you exercise (usually before, during and after you exercise). You can determine if your heart rate falls within your target heart rate range.

To calculate your personal target heart rate range is accomplished by taking a percentage of your maximum heart rate based on your fitness level.


A. Locate your pulse two different ways:

1. Radial - thumb on the side of the wrist, palm up
2. Carotid - groove of the neck

B. Count 10 seconds and multiple by 6 OR count 6 seconds and multiply by 6.

220 - Age = N
Minimum Heart Rate
N x .60

Average Heart Rate
N x .70

Heart Rate
N x .80

TIP: If you are able to talk, then you are O.K. When it is difficult to talk, you are moving too much.

Training Considerations and Exercise Modifications

a) Strengthening programs can improve or prolong function in working muscles, especially if your muscles are weak from lack of use.

b) Use only moderate intensity exercise and prevent over fatiguing muscles. Do not exercise to the point of exhaustion.

c) Depending on your present capability and other demands in your life, your exercise and physical activity will vary greatly. Try to be consistent.

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