Monday, February 12, 2007

Lifestyle Adjustments and Self Monitoring

When I was working as a project manager for an IT company, I had one Director talk to me about balance. Balancing our lives. Which meant trying to balance your time and setting your priorities. Work is not everything. Yes, we have that responsibility of having to work in order to provide for our family. However, we should always keep in check and balance every aspect of our lives. Home, work, community, etc.

When you have been afflicted by Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue it forces you to make those adjustments in our lives. We have to learn to live well with this disease and change or adjust in a way that we can improve our quality of life. The past is the past. Now lets think about the present and the future. Here are some critical adjustments we need to address:

Start Planning and Setting Goals

Setting Priorities
Manage your plan
Learn what is important in your life
Rest and save your energy for your #1 priority
Sleep Well
Eat Well
Make an effort to move/exercise
Pick your battles
Plan on accomplishing a task or activity you enjoy
Schedule appointments with your PCP and Pain Management Doctor

I have found that I have had to simplify my life. I was forced to quit working, and mourned that part of my life for a long time. I tried to understand why I missed the deadlines, stress and work in general. I realized that what I missed was the people. My family is important to me, but work was also important and I enjoyed it. I may have lost my job, but I did not loose who I was or who I am. It is difficult to come to that conclusion immediately. I hope that anyone that has experienced what I have will also learn to understand the different aspects of our lives. Sometimes we need to talk to someone about how we feel or write it down to help us sort out these feelings.

Here is thought for you: It's time to let your life be like the current of a river, and just go with the flow. Just don't forget to adjust your lifestyle and monitor your progress.

Please share your point of view or experience.

I hope and pray that is post has helped someone today. Have a pain free day.

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Lisa said...

Thanks... yes, you helped someone today! I look forward reading through your whole blog!