Tuesday, January 02, 2007


I would like to take this opportunity to thank the many people I worked with in the past and many whom do not even know me for adopting my family this past 2006 Christmas. I will not list their names because I do not have their permission. They know who they are!:)

They understand that I am a real victim of this invisible illness and not a hypochondriac. The reason I have created this BLOG and continue to add information is because I want to publicize and help other people understand that there are "GOOD PEOPLE" in this world that care and understand.

I went from what I believe felt like a vibrant highly energetic woman that was laid-off her job in August of 2002. I have given up making dinners for my family and basically barely function doing small everyday tasks. Even though I am
home bound and feeling terrible, I believe I can make a difference by utilizing my computer and getting the word out. I would encourage anyone with enough energy and cognitive ability to get involved and share their experiences with me and others. My cognitive abilities may not always be intact, however, I believe that I make enough sense to get people to understand the urgency in trying to find help for those people that suffer from CFIDS/FMS and other illnesses. There are days I look great, but I require long periods of bed rest after any activity. I enjoy visits from family and friends and sadly enough end up requiring bed rest. It is worth it to me. I pray each day is better and that I keep my faith and continue to fight this ugly battle.

It is because people like the ones that adopted us exist that I continue to keep my faith. I want to share my own experience and recovery process in the hope that others may find encouragement in the power of self help and accepting help from others. Not everyone regards humility as a virtue, Christ set an example of humility and now I see that this has preserved my soul in tranquillity and helped me become more patient under trials and opportunities that have been bestowed upon me and my family. I pray that I am accepting and receiving the lessons I am suppose to learn from my experiences.

I pray and hope this article has helped someone and acknowledged the generosity of people who have helped my family.

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