Monday, January 08, 2007

Migraine Headaches - Help Relieving the Pain

This is one of the tips I picked up while on medical leave.

You will find that practicing yoga helps alleviate pain when you feel a headache coming on:
  • Close your eyes,
  • Wrap an ace bandage around your forehead (starting at the back of your head), and across your temples and eyebrows (this will lessen the eye pressure),
  • Move your eyeballs away from the eyelids (they should drop back and down in their sockets,
  • Try to keep the bandage on for a minimum of 10 minutes.
When you are at work try this:
  • While seated at your desk, rest your forehead on a hard surface (like a book),
  • Place your head down (this softens the skin at the back of the neck),
  • Make sure there is a straight line between the back of the neck and shoulders,
  • You can now bend your arms and support your elbows on the desk,
  • Try inhaling and exhaling softly and quietly through your nose,
  • Do not hold your breath,
  • Make sure you keep your shoulders down (spreading your shoulder blades and moving down and away from each other),
  • Hold for about five minutes.
I find this helpful and prefer this to taking more medications.

I hope and pray that this post has helped someone today.

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