Sunday, June 21, 2015

Dealing with Light Sensitivity

Hi Everyone,

Today I want to discuss how to deal with light sensitivity. Our home and work environment can mess with our sensitivities to light, sound, and touch. Flourescent lighing can trigger headaches, dizzy spells, and vision problems. There are days when my sensitivity to light, sound, and touch are magnified to the point of not being able to deal with anything. The next thing I know, I am experiencing a full blown migraine. Not good.

I retreat to my bedroom, turn down the lights (sometimes turn them off completely), turn on some soft music and lay down to rest. I lay on my back with pillows placed under my head, each side of my arms, and under my bent knees. I enjoy listening to music, or simply meditate with my eyes closed. 

Sometimes it is difficult to deal with normal or average lights and sounds. Hypersensitivity seems to occur on its own, with no headache. These sensitivities can interfere with your work and daily activities. Being unable to tolerate average levels of light or sound can make it difficult to go outside, participate in social events, or do your job. I know it is related to certain health conditions that should be addressed. So, by all means talk to your healthcare provider about these issues. Yet another reason to journal because it will help you understand what triggers these episodes. Here are my tips:

- Journal (assists you in figuring out what triggers these sensitivities)
- Darken rooms 
- Wear earplugs (to this day, I wear one earplug at the movie theater)
- Wear sunglasses
- Take breaks away from settings you find difficult because of light or noise
- Lay down and rest with your eyes closed
- Get the right amount of sleep (we all have different sleep requirements)
- Practice deep breathing exercises
- Practice relaxation exercises (meditation)
- Allow yourself some "me" time
- Seek out support (family, friends, doctors, Internet acquaintances)

My initial experience was devasting and caused me to become anti-social. I finally decided that blogging, researching, and reading about other people experiencing these symptoms made me feel better about myself. Yes, I was blessed to have a partner that loved and supported me. He was there through good times and bad times. Somehow it seemed easier to deal with these issues when I shared my experience with like individuals. Do what makes sense to you and your physical and mental health.

My thoughts: Stay connected to your family and friends. Seek help and learn to communicate your thoughts and feelings.

I hope and pray you have a day free of pain and fatigue.


Sammie said...

I understand completely - even after a Migraine has passed my sensitivity to ligh, smell & sound is still hyper inflated. Thank you for the helpful hints. Sammie

Fibro Viv said...

Hi Sammie, Thanks for reading my post. Yes, my home is somewhat dark because of my sensitivities. Homes with lots of windows and light are great, but only for people that do not suffer from light sensitivities. I'm looking forward to checking out your site. Viv

hanginbyathread said...

this problem sometimes makes me feel like a vampire, looking for dark spaces. Thanks for excellent article!

Viviana said...

I know the feeling, I have to make sure and sweep and dust around corners of my house because spiders like dark spaces. They say open windows and more light helps your mood, I think it is a matter of what makes you comfortable. I am sticking to keeping my home dark when necessary. We have enough to deal with and should always make our home as comfortable as possible. Perhaps we were vamps in another life? Enjoy your dark spaces. Thanks for stopping by.

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