Saturday, September 25, 2010

Consequence of eating certain foods

Hello Everyone,

One of the many challenges I deal with is IBS. I have successfully kept it under control and not suffered from IBS symptoms. When I started to eliminate foods, beef was something I eliminated. I am not fond of it, except for a small hamburger (little meat) with everything but onions.

On Thursday I decided to try some brisket, what a mistake! I had one piece of bread with two pieces of brisket for lunch and loved it. So what happened? I decided to have yet another half sandwich for dinner. My husband was amazed because he knows I do not like beef. However, we both forgot my body cannot handle beef.

I have been dealing with abdominal cramps and unbearable pain. I have spent most of the past two days in bed! I am trying Maalox, Zantac, baking soda and water and still hurting. I will never eat brisket again, never say never! Apparently, my memory failed me and I ate it. Nobody else is suffering from cramps or abdominal pain, so I know the brisket I purchased was good. No food poisoning, just my less than cooperative body!

Just wanted to report my latest experience with beef.I think I am starting to experience a flare because not only am I suffering from abdominal issues, I am experiencing a higher level of pain and fatigue. My ears are still very sensitive, I have headaches, muscle pain, sleep problems, and much more. The fatigue and pain is making me cranky. Thank goodness I am smart enough to warn my family when I am starting to feel cranky. I usually stay away from people when I am cranky. It isn't their fault I feel badly, so I just stay away to prevent further issues.

Enough of my complaints! I am going to bed and tomorrow will be a better day. I just know it will improve. Wish me luck.

Meanwhile, I hope and pray everyone is having a fatigue and pain free day.


Judy said...

Sounds horrible, Viv. I don't know if it is the supplements I take, including digestive enzymes, or what, but I have been spared IBS. Knock on wood. Hang in there!


jo said...

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Fibro Viv said...

Hello Jo,

Thanks for commenting on my article. I hope things are going well for you.

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Fibro Viv said...

Hi Judy,

Glad to hear you don't suffer from IBS. I am finally starting to feel better. I have to go back to limiting what I eat.

Thanks for your comments. I hope your day was great!

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