Monday, August 30, 2010

Where did I place that item?

Hello Everyone,

I hope everyone is feeling great today! I met a nice woman yesterday that shared a story about lost items. When I cannot find my eyeglasses, I ask my hubby for help. We run around looking for them like chickens with their heads cut off. Then I eventually reach for the top of head and find them! Funny! The woman I met has me beat, here is her story:

(Real name withheld to protect the innocent).
Mel was looking frantically searching for her cell phone and decided to retrace her steps. She had gone to the grocery store, the drug store, and her last destination was her daughter’s home. She proceeded to call the grocery store, drug store, and finally called her daughter. She asked her daughter to look around the living room and dining area, her daughter's response "Mom, you are calling me from your cell phone number." This is too funny.

The next time you feel silly for misplacing an item, remember Mel’s cell phone incident! I hope this story brought a smile to your face

Meanwhile, I hope and pray you had a fatigue and pain free day.

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