Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Thanks Everyone

Hi Everyone,
I would like to thank everyone for stopping by and taking time out of your day to read my posts. I enjoy stopping by other sites, researching, reviewing and reading other sites. There is always something new to learn.

On another note, I have been exercising with my younger sister. It is my humble opinion that any exercise activity beyond stretching softly, easy yoga moves and a small amount of quick steps is the extent of exercise acceptable for any individual with my health challenges. I do not feel better or stronger after extreme or harsh exercises. I have to pace, complete soft stretches, yoga, and only work on completing short step exercises. For those individuals that believe additional exercise will strengthen chronic fatigue or fibromyalgia patients.....they are crazy!

I do feel better after I have completed soft stretches,  simple yoga moves, and a few step exercise routines. If I overdo, forget it! The rest of my week is ruined. As a child and teenager I could not complete long harsh exercises because I felt worse. I was a band member in high school and always exhausted after practice. I could not figure out why some people felt better than I did or why I hated physical activity. It was because it was exhausting.

Anyway, I am trying to loose a few pounds and enjoying my time with my younger sis. We are not overdoing. She would have to carry me to the car and drive me home after our routine exercise program!

Tip of the day: Only complete soft stretching, easy and slow yoga moves and pace yourself. I hope and pray you had a pain and fatigue free day.


julie said...

Hi Fibro Viv,
I also find that doing simple yoga excercise helps,if it's of help to use I use yoga specifically for CFS/ME sufferers,you can find details on my site or visit
Also on the site my son as apoetry section which you may find interesting with your liking for the Arts. If you visit on the attatched link and like what we are trying to achieve, you might consider exchanging your HTML banner code or your URL so we can advertise on each others sites and hopefully spread the word to a greater audience.
Julie x

Fibro Viv said...

Hi Julie,

Thanks for sharing the information and I plan on visiting the two sites you mentioned.

Sending soft hugs your way,