Sunday, July 04, 2010

How have you been SLEEPING?

Hello Everyone!

I would like to start by wishing everyone a great Fourth of July! I have been taking it easy today. A lazy day indeed:0

There have been studies that implied the symptoms of fibromyalgia could be due to night after night of disturbed sleep, but scientists were unable to show how poor sleep contributed to the pain of fibromyalgia.

Remember I mentioned taking care of my twin granddaughters (2.5 years old)? The first night Alessandra was suffering from nasal drip and virtually had no sleep. It was a rough night for both of us. The next morning I was able to stay awake, cook, play, and complete simple chores. I was experiencing a lot of pain and moving like a turtle. Thank goodness, my girls are on a schedule and take daily naps. I was able to rest during their nap and that evening I went to bed when they did, 8:30 P.M. I was able to fall asleep without any sleep aids.

The next morning I actually woke-up before my hubby and girls! Deep sleep made a difference in my case. I was alert and able to play with my girls. My pain level had decreased and I was mentally alert. Jerry normally has to wake me up, give me my medication, and I slowly become coherent. Personally, I believe God helps me find the strength to take care of my grandchildren and spending time with them simply makes the pain tolerable.

The next evening I ended up staying up late with my husband and had trouble sleeping. The next day my pain had increased, I moved like a turtle, and had to increase my pain medication. Once the pain medication took affect, I was back to normal (my normal).

I wish I could experience deep sleep on a daily basis. The second night was the only time I was able to go into deep sleep. It took one night of sleep deprivation followed by an active day to set my body, mind, and spirit to sleep. Sometimes I cannot shut down my mind, thoughts, or body. I must be synchronized. I mention spirit because while I am asleep I am able to hear people around me. It is a weird feeling.

Do you have trouble sleeping? At bedtime, my body is fatigued, different parts of my body start to fall asleep, but my mind will not shut down. Each morning I find myself trying to open my eyes and rise, but my body does not want to cooperate. I can feel myself trying to raise my head and open eyes the feeling is horrible.

This morning my mind woke up and I could hear Jerry while he was shaving. He had the water running constantly! It was driving me crazy but I could not open my eyes or lift my head. So what happened? I went back to sleep, actually had a dream, and later found myself trying to wake up again! I heard him come into the bedroom. I knew what he was doing; he was moving the laundry basket out of the bathroom. I wanted to open my eyes and speak. If only he would shake me and wake me, up. Unfortunately, he had decided to let me sleep in. Once he left the room, I ended up going back to sleep. He came back in to take a breathing treatment and I was finally able to let out words..."Please give me my medications". Once the medication took affect, I was able to rise and shine! He had trouble understanding what I was saying, but knew what to do. I am so grateful he is starting to understand gibberish.

I must sound weird to all of you. Anyway, please let me know about your sleeping patterns and experience. I hope it is not anything like mine, if so, may God Bless us forever and ever!

My body is yelling at me so I have to stop writing. I probably am not making any sense whatsoever. I am too tired to edit this post, I hope it makes sense tomorrow.

I hope and pray you can achieve deep sleep. My prayers and thoughts are with all of you. May God give all of us the strength we need to achieve our dreams, literally, our dreams!

Fibro Viv



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theBluesman said...

i'm sorry to hear about yr sleeping problem but i'm no doctor to advise you as to how to deal with it. i've never had any problems when it comes to sleep, my problem is when i get to sleep i don't feel like waking up i.e. easy to sleep but hard to get up. I tire myself by doing all kinds of things and then sleep comes easy.

Fibro Viv said...

Hello Wong Sikampuh,

I thank you for stopping by and I look forward to checking out your site.

God Bless

Fibro Viv said...

Hello Bluesman,

You are a busy man! If I am too exhausted I have trouble sleeping. It is hard to find the right balance.

Thanks for stopping by.