Monday, June 14, 2010

Visions and Goals, Stay Focused

Yesterday I decided to step back and clear my mind of any worries or concerns. I know my body reacts to the stress I place on myself, so I must listen to my inner voice. How? I take a deep breath, clear my mind, accept, and explore the people, world, and miracles of life.

Ultimately, I am in control of my emotions, thoughts, and actions, whether I have health issues or not, I am in control of my destiny and responsible for my actions. Once I assume responsibility for my actions, remind myself of my limitations, remain open and receptive to new ideas then I can manage and achieve reasonable goals.

The key is to know what, how, when, where, and why I desire certain goals and visions. By re-evaluating my life, I can be open to working towards attaining my goals and dreams. I can work toward figuring out different ways to manage my life and health instead of being a victim to circumstances or health challenges. Our mind-set leads the way, creates a path, and ultimately sets a pattern or direction. We can make it positive or negative, succeed, or fail depending on our attitude. I want to take time to enjoy life’s pleasures, experience new things, love, support my family, friends, and others, and remind myself that anything is possible.

Let me share an example, I have been stressing about my fatigue and my inability to get tasks, chores, and goals achieved. Who is going to take care of my family? I cannot afford to rest or get sick. I have wasted precious time and emotions worrying about my fatigue. I should have identified and w confronted the challenges that kept me going in circles or at a stand still because of my fatigue. Based on my own experience, I know it helps me to write down my thoughts and emotions’, figuring out what is stopping me from moving forward. Once I release those emotions I have been internalizing, I am able to ask questions and find logical ways of handling my challenges.

Identifying the underlying causes that hold me back, brainstorming practical solutions to specific issues, and dealing with my desires and emotions will encourage motivation. A “can-do” attitude goes a long way. Maintaining a realistic frame of mind, interacting with a diverse group of people, and setting limits creates a calm and peaceful atmosphere.

My first goal is to fight fatigue, not complete a chore or task! One day at time, one-step at a time, taking breaks and setting realistic time limits. This day forward I plan to take one day at time, take small steps, accept myself, and thank God for giving me the power to discover my inner peace. Here are thoughts on fighting fatigue:

Drink lots of liquids, no caffeinated coffee, soda, etc.
Eat a well-balanced diet, do not skip meals, and avoid junk food.
Stick to a regular sleep schedule and try resting or taking a nap during the day.
Stretch daily and complete posture scans.
Take time to meditate
Practice simple yoga move
Balance your personal time, work, family, and friends
Take a multivitamin
Do not smoke or consume alcohol
Be charitable
Listen to others, encourage, and do not judge others
Do not loose hope and keep your faith in God and people.

Thank you for reading my blog post and I hope my experience serves a purpose.

I hope and pray you have a fatigue and pain free day.


Dominique said...

You definitely hit it on the head when you said your first obligation is to the fatigue. Pacing is essential if we want to accomplish more.

I always thought it was odd but the less I do the more I get done. I think that God even asks that of us. To become less so he can become more through us.

Thanks for sharing and I hope from this day forward you are 'pacing.'


Fibro Viv said...

Hello Dominique!

I hope you are having a great day. Thank you for commenting and you are absolutely correct...the less you do, the more you accomplish.

I can get myself stressed out thinking about everything that needs attention. It helps to write it down and check it off. I find it wasn't as bad as I initially thought.

The past two days have been easier and I am forcing myself to rest and pace.

Sending you soft hugs with God's blessing.