Monday, June 07, 2010

Hello Everyone

I wanted to stop by and say hello to my Internet friends. I have been busy with life in general. I am feeling much stronger and keeping my spirits up. I hope everyone is feeling great physically and emotionally.

One of my nephew's was married this past Saturday to a beautiful young lady named Grace. I attended the wedding and it was beautiful. All of my family attended and my Mother looked absolutely beautiful. Everyone looked beautiful! When people are happy and smiling they look beautiful. I was unable to attend the reception because I was worn out and these days I am unable to be around crowds. My hearing is amplified and I cannot handle too much activity.

My eyes have been giving me a bit of trouble especially when I am fatigued. I want to go get an eye exam, but I am afraid I will end up with the wrong strength. It is frustrating when your eyes start getting weaker. It could be worse, I could be blind! I am grateful for my sight even though I am having some difficulty reading at times.

Otherwise, I am busy trying to keep Jerry out of the hospital, visiting my family, and spending as much time as I can with my twin Grand-daughters. I feel so blessed. It is truly amazing how children can make your pain and troubles slip away, if only for a few hours.

I hope and pray everyone is feeling better and enjoying life to the fullest.

God Bless,

Fibro Viv


Land of Oase said...

God bless you too.... reading this post such a great inspiration for me...

LazySusan said...

Thanks for checking in! And hang in there. I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia four years ago, and I have been struggling daily just to get out of bed and go about my day. The treatments in the book "Beat Sugar Addiction Now!" by Dr. Jacob Teitelbaum ( have made a huge difference in my life. I am not cured, but my symptoms are much less and I have a lot less aching and less pain..........I feel that the SHINE protocol which is described in detail here has made such a huge improvement in my quality of life. I was surprised to see thatt he author had suffered with this same condition and had used the treatments he describes here to treat himself and to get himself well enough to complete medical school and live a good life. Knowing that he has been where I have been makes all the difference as far as I am concerned. Dr. T is one of the foremost experts on Fibromyalgia and CFS in the country - be sure to follow him on Twitter:

Fibro Viv said...

Hello Land of Oase,

Thank you so much for dropping by and reading my blog.

God Bless


Fibro Viv said...

Hello LazySusan,

Thanks for the information. I was using Liquidity Products but they were bought out and later no longer around.

I know what tools and diet I have to follow to feel better. My biggest problem is pacing. When you have a chronically ill husband and a family to care for, it makes it harder to pace. However, God is always there for us.

Staying positive and reminding myself of all my blessings makes it easier.

God Bless and thank you for commenting.