Saturday, March 06, 2010

Comment Moderation/ Update on Health

Hello Everyone,

There has been some inappropriate information or comments left on my site and I would like to apologize for those individuals who felt the need to leave those comments. All future comments are subject to moderation.

Jerry convinced me to schedule an appointment with my PCP. Turns out, I have a sinus infection explaining my recent symptoms and fatigue. My experience with fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue lead me to attribute symptoms to my disorder. Previously, my ears were clear and there were no indications of sinus problems, simply fibromyalgia symptoms, hence, my reasoning for not visiting my doctor. There lies proof one can never ignore symptoms. The doctor prescribed antibiotics for my sinus infection that should alleviate some of my symptoms. The script called for two pills on the first day and one pill daily for four days. I took my last pill today and continue to have symptoms. Maybe things will improve in the next day or so. I have a follow-up visit scheduled in a month.

Fibromyalgia includes tender neck or armpit lymph nodes, sore throat, headaches of a new type, pattern, or severity, shortness of breath, sensitivity to temperature changes, nausea, dizziness, fatigue, numbness or tingling sensations, sleep disturbances, recurrent low-grade fever, sensitivity to light and much more. It seems next to impossible to find a method of determining whether to ignore the symptoms or schedule appointments with your doctor. It has been awhile since I have felt well; I want to avoid becoming a hypochondriac. These days I feel like I am regressing back to the onset of my illness, not good.

I have a plan. I am going to try to get some much-needed sleep tonight; tomorrow I will drink plenty of liquids, complete my stretching exercises, watch a movie, and force myself to rest more often during the day. I will feel better tomorrow. I refuse to let this health challenge get me down. I will remain focused on taking control of my health.

I hope and pray you have experienced a day without pain and fatigue.


dominique said...

Viv - you sound like you could be me in this post! I am now on my fourth week with some bug I can't get rid of plus 2 weeks before that in a crash.

I have been handling everything with herbal remedies but it does get 'mixed all together' sometimes, doesn't it?

I hope you are feeling better soon.

Fibro Viv said...

Hi dominique,

I am sorry to hear you are struggling, it sure makes it hard to move forward.

We can fight this, hang in there!

Donald Swarbrick said...

I think I am very lucky health wise when I read your story even though I have heart trouble. I would never want to go through a fraction of what you must suffer, and I can only hope and pray that things will inprove for you in the very near future. You are very brave.

Fibro Viv said...

Hello Donald,

I hope things are going well for you. I hope I can reach people dealing with the same challenges, sharing my vision and experience dealing with Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue. The key is to make the right decisions, use the right tools, and customize a personalized wellness program that fits individual preferences and health goals.

Sherrie Sisk said...

Viv, with respect to your comments, I don't know if Blogger supports Disqus but if it does, I HIGHLY recommend it. It's cut down on my comment spam hundreds of times over.

Fibro Viv said...

Hello Sherrie,

Thanks for commenting and letting me know about Disqus. I signed up and am in the process of reviewing what they have to offer.

God Bless