Saturday, January 17, 2009

Muscle Spasms Head to Toe- tips on what to try

Spasms are not new to me. Try to take the stress off your muscles and correct imbalances from head to toe. Stand up and try to stretch out the spasm, I know, easier said than done.

* Slow down, pace activities and rest during the day, even lie down for your two 15-minute rest breaks.

* Try to balance your body, front to back and side to side--so that weak muscles don't have to fight gravity to keep you upright. Painless posture is crucial, whether sitting, standing or walking.

* I have some posture scan tips on my site that will also help.

* There are a number of lumbar cushions, cervical pillows and certainly heating pads that will help alleviate the pain.

* Personally, heat is more helpful for spasms than ice. After a hot bath a gentle massage with heat feels great.
* I have a long massage pad that was given to me years ago, it heats up and gentle massages different areas of my body. Unfortunately, it does not massage my hands and feet.

* Deep heating of the muscles can be obtained by taking a hot bath or shower. The heat relaxes muscle spasms and makes you feel better for a few hours.

I pray and hope you have a pain and fatigue free day.

Fibro Viv

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