Friday, February 08, 2008

Hello Everyone!

Sorry I've been away, I have been dealing with the flu and when you have fms/cfs, the symptoms are a million times worse! You know what I mean. My husband had to find a ride home from the hospital, just to find me at home curled up in pain, running a fever, etc. Poor baby. He was still having difficulty breathing and he had to deal with taking care of me. I just came back to life today! Mind you, I am still in pain, dealing with fever, aches, you know the rest.

The fact is I have been running on adrenalin! I had just finished babysitting my nephew, then my twin grandchildren, then I took my youngest son to Best Buy and before you knew it, I had to run home and change. You can imagine why??? Then, I took a bath, got dressed and went back to pick him up and returned home just on time to hit that ladies room. That was close!! Then my oldest son came home sick, poor baby.

The good news is, I continue to loose weight! You see....something positive always happens.:) I guess I am not posting anything helpful today...just updating you and letting you know I am not giving up. However, I may have to quit this blogging for a few months:(

Please continue to review old tips and my experience. I honestly believe it will help you gals and guys that suffer from chronic illnesses. You are not alone. Keep the faith and know that things can only get better. Really:)

Let's see...good news is I no longer have high blood pressure, I have lost weight, I am more active (exception, this week), and we have a new member in our family. Her name is Nadia. My oldest son had to have his own dog, so we gave in. I will have to take a picture of her, she is truly sweet and potty trained!:) So, you see, I have a reason to smile:)

I wish you no pain, send you soft hugs, a smile and God's Blessings:)

Fibro Viv

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