Monday, February 18, 2008

Cheer You Up Award

Hello Everyone!

I just started to look at some sites and noticed I was awarded the You Cheer Me Up Award! Wow!!!

I know there are many bloggers' that make people laugh, write comforting information, and inspire us to continue on our quest to help people. I know I will miss some people, and for that I want to send my sincere apologies.

An honorable mention to the individual who started this award:

A Nice Place In The Sun



Facibus On Blogging

Speedcat Hollydale

Love is a Four-Legged Word


My Passion for Fashion!

Battling For Health

Revellian Dot Com


Snoskred's Blogroll | Snoskred - Life in the Country

terri terri quite contrary - Delightfully Demented Musings

Fighting Fatigue

Make Money Online with Rhyan

The ICI Experience

Sephy's Platzish

I just know I have missed so many, but I am late in doing this and a bit worn out. I just happen to notice I receive this award.

Pass the award to the bloggers you have an opportunity to thank for cheering you up. Here are the rules or instructions:

If you are a recipient of the You Cheer Me Up Award, please find the blogs that cheer you up, copy the code to post on your sidebar and pass Ethel and Lucy across the blogsphere. In order to do this you must go pickup the code for the award picture and leave a comment on the award post so they can add you to the list of award recipients.

Go to :
A Nice Place In The Sun.

God Bless Everyone and soft hugs to those in pain

Fibro Viv


Ann said...

I think this is one of the nicest posts I've read about the You Cheer Me Up Award, in addition to one of the best sites I've read on the internet. You're doing a good thing with your blog, and I'm sure it is helping hundreds of people. I for one, commend you for it.

It is never to late to give out the 'You Cheer Me Up Award' and again you did a great job. However, please advise your award recipients to come and pick up the code for the award picture to add to their sidebar, and leave a comment on the award post so I can add them to the list of award recipients. I will add your site to the my award recipient post, and I'm really glad I found your site. I like it a lot, and will certainly be back~

Cheers~ :))


Fibro Viv said...

Hello Ann,

Thank you for catching my mistake and for your nice comments. I like you sight too.

God Bless

Speedcat Hollydale said...

Hi Viv!!!

It seems I am late to accept this, but it comes to me as a very welcome gesture from someone that I admire .... you did cheer me up today!
I have been working quite a bit, and as I get older, it's harder to keep the pace. My job is extreamly physical, and I lift 1000's of pounds per day / walk what = miles. Blogging gets set aside sometimes ;-)

Do you still write at NaBloPoMo anymore? Sometimes I add a bit there ... not too often.

My grandaughter will be over for the day tomorrow, I'm excited about that. She is talking more now, and finally called me gramps - How cool!!! Kids are so special.

I will post this up very soon ... hope you are well, God bless!

Eric "SpeedyCat"

Fibro Viv said...

Hello My Dear Friend Eric!

So happy to hear from you. Please take care of yourself. I believe that working too many hours can contribute to health issues. Your family and friends need you, so slow down.

Take care my friend and God Bless.


Anuj said...


Congrats!!! Great Blog!!!

I am very new to blogging so i am may not be as good as you.

Check out my Blog : General Knowledge Questions

Fibro Viv said...

Hello Anuj,

Thanks for your comments. I will check your blog out today.

God Bless

Sherril said...

Gee, Viv, I just saw this award. Thanks!!! I will send you the link when I "pass it on."

I notice you haven't posted in awhile and I hope you are A-OK,


Fibro Viv said...

I just posted a new note to update beautiful people like yourself that care about people. Thank you for checking on me. Remember not to overdo!