Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Three Generous Helpful Men!

This week has been a great week starting with Revellian and Speedcat have given me awards!

There are two special guys that have helped me with my posting on SEO meme. Please go out and checkout their websites. They have big hearts and are willing to help anyone. Bobby opened my world up to new communities and friends. Hi guys:)


I also have another friend named Andrew who has been so generous with me and set-up my new site. We are working hard at perfecting it. So I will be moving soon. I will keep you advised. Andrew also reviewed my site and he is from Australia! Cheers Andrew:)


So everybody please go out and check their sites out!:)

Fibro Viv

Monday, October 01, 2007

Update on Home Exercise Program

Hello My Fibro Friends,

I have posted the different tips on things you can do at "Your Pace." I am now going to outline how to follow these tips I posted previously:


1). Spine towels; 2-3 times a day for 10 minutes.

2). Posture scans; every 1 hour (sitting or standing).

3). Stretches: (Chose 1 every hour).

a. doorway chest stretch, 30 seconds times 2
b. prayer stretch
c. ironing board
d. shoulder blade squeeze - arms behind back
e. should blade squeeze - arms at head

4). Stabilization

a. lying on back -pelvic tilts coordinated with breathing (5 minutes)

Please remember to do this at your own pace. This exercise program helps me and sometimes I cannot do all of it. It is Okay. Just do what you can.

I hope and pray this information helps someone today:)

Fibro Viv