Sunday, December 24, 2006

CFIDS doesn't just impact the life of the people who have the illness. It affects everyone who cares for them.

I know from my own experience that this illness affects your family, friends and lifestyle. You have to learn to PACE yourself. The main challenge I have found is accepting my fatigue and pain. I lost the ability to continue working and doing simple household shores. You have no choice but to accept it because you are unable to complete simple tasks and the fatigue is chronic.

I have not been able to spend as much time with my extended family because I am always fatigue. It is not always visible to everyone. This is what makes it hard to accept, not only your co-workers, but friends and family see you and say "You look great". I may look great to them, but I do not feel great. I try to pretend nothing is wrong, but my own body fails me when I am trying to clean my room, make my bed, etc.

I am blessed with family and friends that have taken the time to read up on my illness and have tried to understand how difficult it is to just get out of bed on a daily basis.
I pray that anyone suffering from this illness has the same type of support system.

Please share your story.

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