Sunday, January 22, 2012

Starting the New Year with Fatigue?

Hello Everyone,

I have not posted updates for some time now. One of my new goals includes taking time to post on my blog site.

Did you start the new year with deep exhaustion? You know that exhaustion that is steady or waxes and wanes for months. This isn't everyday tiredness, it's profound fatigue that severely impacts your life. And nothing seems to help-not sleep, stress management or a vacation. This seems to be a diagnosis dilemma for some doctors. In order to receive a CFS diagnosis, you need that degree of fatigue plus four of the following symptoms for at least six months: substantial difficulties with memory or concentration, severe headaches, muscle and joint pain, chronic sore throat, feeling wiped out after even slight exertion, unrefreshing sleep and tender lymph nodes. In the beginning I even experienced trouble speaking, dizziness and irritable-bowel issues. The severity of the symptoms varies from person to person, although even those with mild CFS can struggle with normal activities like walking up a flight of stairs or reading a novel and even feel worse after making an effort.

Some people feel heavily sedated (without taking medications) and are housebound for weeks, months, and years. I know you have heard the term brain about brain mud! The hardest part is justifying  why we can't just snap out of it with a little rest or sleep. There is a difference between being tired and feeling exhausted, it is like you are one step away from feeling comatose.

I have come a long way from when I first started experiencing all sorts of symptoms, I hope you find this encouraging. While I have shown significant improvement, I am in no way over my Chronic Fatigue or Fibromyalgia. Sadly, there's no one-size-fits-all solution and the best you can do is try to get ahead of it with a program that eases pain, boosts stamina and reduces stress.  I have not tried going to an immunologist or an infectious disease specialist. Those options are still on my list to consider.

Meanwhile, I know this disease is isolating, so try connecting with people who understand where you are coming from, it can make all the difference on how you approach your health treatment.

One key tip: PACE yourself, even when  you feel almost normal.

I hope and pray you have a fatigue and pain free day.



Carmen R.Clark said...

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Fibro Viv said...

Hello Carmen,

Thanks for the comment! I hope my information is helping you and others.

God Bless and I hope and pray you have a fatigue and pain free day.

Unknown said...

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Fibro Viv said...

Hello Unknown,

I am happy to hear you found my blog site. I hope the site was helpful.

God Bless